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pain following steroid injection

Posted by Marci D. on 4/23/03 at 06:57 (116893)

I am 35 years old. Two years ago, I fell and fractured my foot. Although my toes were not broken, they were 'smashed' as I fell down the stairs. I have had lingering pain the base joint of the toes since then. I have had three steroid injections over the past year. The results from the first were great, relieving the pain for nine months. The sencond injection lasted only a few weeks. It was at this point that an MRI was done. It showed some edema in the bottom joint of the third toe. The third injection was given directly into the affected joint area and was immobilized with a tape splint. Since that time, I have been experiencing significant pain in the toes, the top of the foot and along the pad on the bottom of my foot. My toes are unable to bend down and it is difficult to raise them up. It feels as if the toes are broken. The pain runs from the toes down the top of my foot for several inches. Any ideas or suggestions would be apprciated. Thank you.