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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Posted by Henry C on 4/23/03 at 12:12 (116930)

Have any of the doctors out there had any experience with Peripheral Nerve Stimulators? I have had two failed TTS surgeries and that is all that is left.

I went to the Medtronics web site and saw their many success stories on Spinal Cord Stimulators. I was told by several doctors that a Spinal Cord Stimulator would not be effective for lower foot pain. I emailed Medtronics to see if they had a success story for a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator and they replied with none.

I am very nervous about the fact that I will be unable to take the so called 'Test Drive' with a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator. Once it's in, I'm done.

I'm getting desprete, my surgery is scheduled for May 15th, do any of you have expereince with this?

Re: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Laurie R on 4/23/03 at 13:28 (116933)

Hi Henry , It is me again Laurie R , I have some questions for you if you don't mind. I was just in to see a Ortho foot specialist last Friday , he knows of your dr Schon ... I went to see about the Vein wrap surgery . He said at this time he does not think it would be a good idea. But he told me that the 'Peripheral Nerve Stimulator' would be my next step in treatment ....

I noticed your post today about it .... You say you are scheduled for May 15 ? You said you don't get a test drive , meaning , your doctor is not going to do a trial run first? Why is that ? My doctor said I would have to do the trial first to see if it is going to work .... Then if it does he will do the permantent implantion ..... I was going to email you ,but I lost your email address .

Now did your doctor tell you how long you will have to stay in the hospital ? The only question I don't have the answer to is , with the trial how long would I have to stay in the hospital . My hubby said my doctor said 5 to 7 days ... Whooa that is a long time for me .

I go back to see this doctor in May to talk about it more. He wanted me to talk to my Pod and my PM doctor first ....

I also went to Medtronic's web site to read up on it . I found they mostly have a lot of info on the SCS , not the PNS ... I would love to know of anyone that has had this done ... My doctor also said it would be implanted in my leg as well as yours did .

I wish you only the best ...... Also , this doctor I saw said for me the Vein wrap surgery would be the my last option and to do the stimulator first , but I won't lie , it scares me also .... Wow I did not know you won't be able to move your leg much after the implantion .... When I go back to see this doctor , he is suppose to explain to me all the risk , which he did not do at the last appointment . I want to know everything about this before I have it done ...

Laurie R

Re: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Henry C on 4/23/03 at 14:01 (116935)

Laurie R,

I was told there was no 'Test Drive' for the PNS. I'll call my doctor tomorrow to verify this.

I was told that the PNS was the last option and would definitly have the vien wrap procedure done before getting a PNS. I would recheck with your own doctor about this!

If the PNS does not work, they'll have to remove everything in your leg before doing the vien wrap procedure. I'm positive about that!

Henry C

Re: Doctorrs ???

BrianG on 4/23/03 at 16:41 (116949)

Good luck to both of you. I know you have been through the wringer, and I pray the Medtronics device will help you. I hope one of the doc's will reply to you, but I'm not to sure if this group has had any patients get the stimulators. If they have, I'm sure they will answer.


Re: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

John S. on 4/23/03 at 22:55 (116974)

i have severe pf and have had both the nerve wrap procedure and the spinal cord stimulator implanted. i had both procedures done in thomas jefferson hospital in philly pa. the nerve wrap did nothing for me. the spinal cord stim has given me alot more relief.

Re: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Laurie R on 4/24/03 at 11:16 (116991)

Hi Henry , I think it is good you will be calling your doctor to verify . I have also been to the Medtronic's web site. It says that they recomend that a person also has a trail before the implantation of the PNS ...

My question is , how will you and your doctor know if it will work with the trail ? I have been researching and I can not find much about the PNS . Everything is about the SCS that is implanted in your spine not your leg...

If you don't mind , after you talk to your doctor can you let us know what he says ??

Thank you , Laurie R

Re: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Henry C on 4/25/03 at 09:06 (117067)

I called my doctor's office and inquired about the 'Test Drive' with a PNS. He used to do the 'Test Drive', but since he has to cut you open and sew the lead to the nerve, he just wakes you up on the operating table to determine if it works. Definitly no 'Test Drive' like with a SCS.

Still I have not heard from any doctors out there with experience with this. Again, are there any doctors out there with experience with a PNS?
Time is starting to run out and I need some more information!

Re: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Laurie R on 4/25/03 at 11:01 (117084)

Hi Again Henry , Wow so no test drive for the PNS ... Yes I would like to see what the doctors on this board think as well.....I would also like more info on it ....

I had a Pain management appointment this week . I wanted to get my PM doctor's opinion on it , but I did not get to see him , he was in a meeting ... So I made an appointment to talk to him for next week .... He dose the SCS implantation , but I am not sure if he dose the PNS ..

Also the place on the web I could find any info about the PNS was on the Medtronic's web site....And even there , I could not find to much .....

I wish you only the very best , Laurie R

Re: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Henry C on 4/25/03 at 11:39 (117090)

I just called Medtronic's and spoke to one of their representatives. They provided general information about their devices and really could not answer any specific questions.

They were reading a script that delt mainly with SCS's. I was kind of surprised that I could not have spoken with someone who could have provided more specific information.

Oh well, I guess I'll learn all about it on May 15th. After the surgery, I'll try to keep everyone informed about this type of treatment. I guess that's what this message board is all about!

Re: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Laurie R on 4/25/03 at 12:21 (117096)

Thank you Henry , If you would like , after I see my PM doctor on Tue , I would be glad to share with you his opinion on it . He is a very awesome doctor and very honest ... He is the man here when it comes to pain management .....

I don't understant how Medtronics is the one that sales the PNS , but could not give you much info on it ...

I hope and pray that your surgery helps you with your pain . It sounds like you and I have a lot in common . The only difference is I have not had the Vein wrap surgery ..... Did I tell you that my new Ortho doctor knows your dr. Schon ?

Laurie R