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Ellen J - about those exercises

Posted by Kathy G on 4/23/03 at 14:57 (116938)

I guess I'm not a truly good wife or I would have realized that the exercises he does are to strengthen his knees, not his ankles! Sorry but I did remember to ask him!

Re: Re:about those exercises

Ellen J. on 4/23/03 at 19:35 (116960)

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for asking your husband about the exercises. Now that you mention it, they did sound a bit like the knee exercises I was doing a year ago when I had some knee problems. I am now using the foot trainer and I really like it. I bought it awhile ago while I was in alot of pain but was too scared to use it right then. I saved it for when my feet felt better and then the recent messages about foot trainers prompted me to get mine back out of the closet. I'm using it faithfully and it feels good on my feet. I am also going to make a simple balance board and begin using that to strenghten the ankles.
I bet you are a much better wife than you say you are!
Ellen J.
PS. Just passing on a bit of info: my newest doctor says that Magnesium is a pretty important supplement for us P.F. sufferers, as well as Grape Seed Extract (helps rebuild tissue) and a multi-vitamin. He says just make sure the multi-vitamin has Magnesium in it.

Re: Re:about those exercises

Kathy G on 4/23/03 at 21:54 (116969)

Brian had great results with Magnesium. I don't think it was Brian G., I think it was another Brian but I may be mistaken. That happens a lot to me!

Anyway, I tried Magnesium supplements along with my regular vitamin for about four months but it didn't help me. Perhaps you will be more successful. It seems to help many people.

Good luck!