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morphine patch ?

Posted by Terri on 4/24/03 at 14:20 (116999)

I had a subtalor heel fusion 9 months ago. I am still having serious pain, and alot of swelling behind the ankle bone on both sides. Is this pain and swelling normal? Also, my Dr. prescribed duragesic....some kind of morphie patch. Isn't this a little extreme as I am now taking Vicodan to help w/the pain and it does help. Im afraid to put this patch on for fear of my raction to it. I cannot take percocet as it is to strong for me, makes me think morphine will also make me sick. Any thoughts and answers would be appreciated.

Re: morphine patch ?

Laurie R on 4/24/03 at 15:41 (117001)

Hi Terri , I am not a doctor , but I have been on the Duragesic patch before. It is not Morphine , it is Fentanyl ... I did not like the fentanly at all , to many sideffects for me ... But it does help many people in pain . It is a long acting pain med and very different from Viconden and Percocets ... Both Vics and Percs are short action pain meds , so they wear off fast .... Fentanly gives you around the clock pain relief ....

You should call your doctor if you feel this may be to strong for you ... What would you say is your pain on a scale between 1 and 10 ? Also do you go to pain management ?

If the Vicoden works for your pain , I am wondering why your doctor would give you the Fentanly patch ?

I am not a doctor , just a patient .....

My very best to you , Laurie R

Re: morphine patch ?

Terri on 4/29/03 at 16:21 (117369)

Hi Laurie, My pain varies, if I'm sitting, its about a 5, when I stand up, it immediately becomes a 10! I had a subtalor joint fusion and it really feels like something is so wrong in there. Dr. says hopefully it will help when the screw comes out. Just seems like the pain I'm having is no where near the screwhead. I have been to a pain management dr. and he wants to rule out RSD. I have NO symptoms of rsd though. Thanks for your reply and info on duragesic. I will tell my Dr. that Im not going to take it. I just know it will be too much for me. I dont understand why he even prescribed it, as the vicodan help w/the pain.