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pain in the ankle

Posted by denise gherlone on 4/24/03 at 18:03 (117009)

hi iam a 29 year old girl i fell 2 times
once in a pot hole the second comeing down my stairs and i twist my angle i had to be ruched to the hospital,iam in a air brase,and under my foot dr he told me i might need surgy he say he will look in my ankle and clean out
the stuff and then one week i have to stay off it i want to know how long will the pain last and he say i will not have any more sprains or twist he will make it tight and i know tonight i got pain in it throbing and pins pain should i wate to have the surgery or what should i do this pain hurts in the cold rain fell well in the warm what do i do and should i go for the surgrery and id it done in the hospital i will stay or no and what is done for the surgery denise write back please with a answer