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Back of Heel Pain Swelling of Bursa with Heel Spur

Posted by Merlin G on 4/24/03 at 20:07 (117033)

I have had this pain and swelling now for 1 year and have tried injection which reduced the swelling temporarly, tried drugs also temporary relief, tried 6 months of physiotherapy felt good but again temporary relief and now I am considering shock wave therapy. My problem is that I have survived melanoma cancer twice in the past 20 years.Now 5 years free after taking interferon alfa 2b chemotherapy I would like to know if I am running any risk of melanoma cancer cells comming back by taking this shock wave therapy since I am a stage 3 survivor? Is their any documented studies that show cancer cells being effected by this Shock wave Therapy Proceedure? Is this SAFE for me?