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Curing Morton's Neuroma

Posted by Nan D on 4/24/03 at 22:06 (117043)

For the last 6-7 months, I've had the pain & frustration of Morton's Neuroma. I wanted to share with Y'all my recovery to date, which might help someone out there just starting this nightmare. I would also like to acknowledge that I have NO affiliation with any of the manufacturers of any products discussed here.

In the beginning, I went to 2 different Podiatrists, whose only solutions were hard orthotics that did not work then surgery. I decided I'd better research this on my own as I was getting nowhere with these guys. I found EZ Runner Orthotics, which are similar to SDO's, on the internet and reluctantly ordered the EZ Runner Orthotics. After all my research, I believed that the custom type soft orthotics made the most LOGICAL sense to actually give your feet support and stability to heal. The EZ Runners were also guaranteed, so using a guaranteed credit card, I figured what could I lose since I was absolutely miserable anyway? My slogan was 'you can never have a good day when your feet hurt'! My career is in sales, I am the sole support of my children, and am athletic, so the problem of not being able to walk, much less run, has been a tragic event in my day to day life! After about 2 weeks of wearing the orthotics, I was actually out of excruciating pain! It was like a 'miracle'! It has now been 3.5 months, and after having a gigantic hastle finding the proper shoe/orthotic combination for work, I am finally there!

I found SAS sandals that have 3 adjustable straps across the foot which have been the most pain free footwear so far. The orthotic comes apart in 2 pieces depending on the shoes you wear. You can wear the whole orthotic in closed shoes with removable insoles, or take the cover off from the custom fit gel inner part for sandals/flats. I've attached the gel insert in my SAS sandals and have been almost totally pain free, most of the time for the last 2 weeks. I still have aching around the toes when I walk a lot, but I am hoping that will continue to heal and may go away someday. If anyone knows anything about that, let me know. I haven't tried any better dress shoes yet but if you have suggestions, I'd appreciate knowing your experiences. All the literature on both EZ Runner and SDO's indicate their Orthotics work equally well for all types of other foot problems too. Good Luck to everyone!!!

Re: Curing Morton's Neuroma

JenL on 4/25/03 at 08:48 (117063)

Nice to hear your successful story with shoes & orthotics. I posted a question below before reading this new thread of yours, and now I understand what you said about EZ Runner -it comes with cover and the gel insole. I'm quite interested -could you give us the website address for EZ Runner? I'm paying lazy here and don't want to search.

Re: Curing Morton's Neuroma

Nan D on 4/25/03 at 13:15 (117105)

Hello Jen,

The web site for EZ Runner is http://www.footpainfree.com .
Their site is currently included with several medical sites, so go down to #6-Treatment of Pain & Injuries in Knee & Foot. It's a nice site and outlines all the different foot problems their product helps to cure.

DrKiper.com has a nice site too w/ a similar product which includes doctor consultation.

I wish you a good recovery too!

Re: Curing Morton's Neuroma

Pauline on 4/25/03 at 21:46 (117154)

I think the two look pretty much alike. I wonder if Dr. Kiper just franchised or EZ runner comes from the lab he uses selling the same thing under a different name, but they sure look alike.

Re: Curing Morton's Neuroma

JenL on 4/28/03 at 10:18 (117259)

Nan, did you get the SDO from EZ Runner's adjusted several times to find the optimal fit? I'm wondering how they do the 'customized' part. Both of EZ Runner and Dr.K use a foam fitting package, which we know do not give accurate info. about one's feet. Dr.K can adjust the fullness of sdo based on the feedback from the user through question/answer emails. I did not see EZ Runner mention any adjusting on it's web site.
They look like from the same lab, but different trial time period and different prices.
Thanks a lot.


Re: Curing Morton's Neuroma

Nan D on 4/30/03 at 18:08 (117465)

Hello Jen,

EZ Runners are the same device as SDO's-just less service & via e-mail only...you don't talk to the Doctor which is the price difference. If they are grossly overfilled, they will adjust them in the 1st 45days w/ no charge. They say the foot box & their scan technique is quite accurate &
they rarely need to adjust them. I've found them helpful w/ problems, but Dr K can probably spend more time w/ difficult foot issues. The fill on mine has been OK, but the size of the covers had to be reduced once, since my feet are quite small and they happily exchanged them w/ no problems. I did not have a choice of the 2 companies, since I only found EZ Run. on the internet.

Recently, EZ Run. suggested I also get some of the 'lamenated' orthotics to help cure my 'achy' toes since all the major neuroma pain was gone. The first few days of the breaking-in period for these lamenated orth.'s were a little difficult to get use to, but they've gotten better every day & are currently solving my 'achy' toe problems !!(I can't believe the difference!)I think the lamenate ones give better over all support which might help your heel pain. I can see a need for both types of orth's. if a person wears sandals/dress shoes plus sneakers or closed shoes.

Let me know if I can help you further!