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Good News about Bob! :)

Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 4/25/03 at 08:36 (117061)

I have some good news about my brother, which came up in e-mails to several of you and I was so excited that I THOUGHT I had posted it too, but I didn't. Sorry! Anyway, better late than never.

Last weekend my brother Bob called. He's the one who had the stroke. The good news is that he was mentally BACK.... he knew who I was, didn't forget the date, knew what he had for breakfast, even! I cried with relief! I asked him what the neurologist did, and he said that the neurologist felt he was reacting to one of the medications badly, and took him off of it.

He even has permission to drive, now, and also got the OK to fly to Hawaii and visit our 94 year old Mom. He had had tickets for months. He just phoned me from there last night, and is having the time of his life with Mom. As you can imagine, I feel like I have my brother back and I'm so thrilled.

I know it will be a long convalescence but at least I have my brother BACK!!. The left side of his body is still partially paralyzed. I didn't even know it was paralyzed at all before, since his mental condition was so bad that he was unaware of it even when I asked him how he was doing physically. Basically, my whole family is thrilled to death with his improvement, though.

It was a wonderful Easter holiday, after hearing from Bob. I watched 'The Green Mile' on DVD, and it seemed like a very uplifting movie, too. Or maybe it is just that I have my brother back. :D

Carole C

Re: Good News about Bob! :)

Sharon W on 4/25/03 at 09:20 (117069)

Carole, that's WONDERFUL!! I'm so glad. I'm sure that news really made your YEAR... =D>


Re: Good News about Bob! :)

Suzanne D on 4/25/03 at 09:44 (117072)

Oh, Carole, how GREAT!!! =D> =D> =D> I am so glad to hear about Bob's recovery! Thanks for letting us know.

I have had a personally rough week, and it does my heart good to read your GOOD news! I'm glad I peeked at the message board just now. Your message made my day!

Suzanne :)

Re: Good News about Bob! :)

Bev on 4/25/03 at 13:49 (117111)

Carole, Fabulous about Bob, I am so very pleased for you all that he is doing so very well. It is really something how certain meds can effect the mind and body in such ways. Your mother lives in Hawaii? How wonderful? Are you from Hawaii? You did live there at one time, right? We flew there for two weeks flying among the 4 islands and seeing the sights with a tour group for 2 weeks , it was a fabulous trip , we had the greatest time (before PF) .It sure would be a great place to live !! Why would you ever leave there?( sorry ,none of my business). Anyway, I am very happy about Bob doing so very much better. Have a nice evening. Bev

Re: It sure did, Sharon! Thanks. :) (nm)

Carole C in NOLA on 4/25/03 at 17:54 (117137)


Re: Good News about Bob! :)

Carole C in NOLA on 4/25/03 at 17:55 (117138)

Thanks for caring and being YOU, Suzanne! I'm so sorry you had a rough week. Let's hope that things start looking up this weekend.

Carole C

Re: Good News about Bob! :)

Carole C in NOLA on 4/25/03 at 18:02 (117139)

Bev, thanks for caring and being happy with me! I am so happy to have my brother back and, well, being BOB... he even jokes and teases me like he used to do, something I thought I'd never see again.

Yes, I'm originally from Hawaii but haven't lived there for 28 years. My family lived on the beachfront in Kailua, Oahu (near Kaneohe), which was a rural area when I was little but later became a bedroom community for Honolulu, once the tunnel was dug through the mountains and the new highway built. I love it so much there, but doubt I will ever move back because the cost of living is so low here in Louisiana compared with Hawaii.

When I was growing up there, people would always caution young girls to NEVER date a military man, because you'd end up leaving the islands and probably never come back. I didn't think that was true, and dated one. I left to marry him and was married for 23 years, and haven't been back. It was worth it, though. :)

Carole C

Re: Good News about Bob! :)

Kathy G on 4/26/03 at 08:41 (117162)


My sister and brother-in-law were stationed in Kailua and have a lovely painting of Kaneohe Bay on their wall. My niece was born over there and they gave her Melia, which is Hawaiin for Mary, as her middle name. I never got to visit but my younger sister spent a summer there with them and it sounded like paradise.

My sister met a military man while living in California who was from Newton, MA. They lived in Hawaii for a couple of years and ended up in Annapolis for the last thirty.

What a beautiful place to have lived!

Re: Good News about Bob! :)

Carole C in NOLA on 4/26/03 at 09:21 (117167)

The Kaneohe Marine base (between Kailua and Kaneohe) is the only Marine base in Hawaii, so Kailua really grew during the VietNam war.

It was even smaller, less than 5000 population, before the new highway was built to Honolulu in the early 1960's. The old twisty highway over the mountains (that took 3-4 hours) was replaced by the new Pali highway (which takes about 30 minutes). The Pali highway goes through a tunnel blasted in the mountains. A second and longer tunnel, the Wilson Tunnel, was blasted through the mountains in Kaneohe earlier for another highway, but it is down by Kaneohe and not too convenient to Kailua.

So anyway, Kailua changed from a sleepy little rural village with few conveniences to a bustling modern suburb very rapidly during the 1960's. It will forever be my REAL home, though I have not been there in many years and plan to live in New Orleans for the rest of my life.

Carole C

Re: Good News about Bob! :)

Bev on 4/26/03 at 10:29 (117179)

Hi Carole, I just got out my photo book out from our Hawaii trip and we probably went right by your old home grounds , Kaneohe. On our tour map route it shows where we went that way on our way to the Polynesian Cultural Center from our hotel in Honolulu . It is a small world after all, isn't it :)

Re: Good News about Bob! :)

JudyS on 4/28/03 at 17:41 (117284)

Carole - such delightful news about your brother! You must be overjoyed. Hmmm.....aren't you about due for a Hawaiian vacation? I think so!
My husband and I just returned from a three-day trip to my son's college's open house weekend. We met his girlfriend's family for the first time (they've been dating for a year and a half) and a lovely time was had by all.
Wow - I can't believe the snow at Wendy's place! I was just thinking that, after something of a false start, spring seems to be taking it's time arriving just about everywhere. Poor Wendy.
Did I mention that we have a family of five owls living in our trees? They are just fascinating and we greet them every day while they stare down at us with their huge eyes. Looking at them through binoculars is awesome and I just don't get tired of it.
Well, hello to everyone - hope you're all well.

Re: Good News about Bob! :)

Necee on 4/28/03 at 21:54 (117311)

Carole that is wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!
I know that you feel like the weight of the world has lifted from your shoulders. Since you have kept us all posted about your brother and his condition....it has really made me think about my brother, we are very close, and I don't even want to think about anything happening to him. We were close growing up, and I'm so thankful it has continued as we got older, you know how easy it is to grow up and apart.
I hope and pray that your brother continues to improve, let us know how things are going.
All the best friend!

Happy trails...


Re: Judy

wendyn on 4/28/03 at 22:22 (117316)

Thank you for the Poor Wendy. I am feeling sorry for me too!!!!