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This may be corny, but there is no other reason for feeling better in my feet

Posted by Jane on 4/25/03 at 10:53 (117083)

I have no other explanation. I have had plantar facitis for the last 7 years - real painful in both feet. Extremely painful - so much so I couldn't walk and that I was No. 2 on my Docs list of the worst plantarfacitis. Surgery was the only option left. I have orthodics $250.00 was the cost. I still use them but they didn't relieve that much pain. It allowed me to do errands and chores in the am hours of a day. My worst was about 2 yrs ago. Last year we had to put our dog to sleep and got a 4 month old yellow lab. He has a fetish with feet!! While everyone stops him from doing this and I know it's gross...I don't. It feels like a massage. And I swear I haven't felt this good in year. I bought my first pair of flip flops today and I can go barefoot even for small periods of time. Corny? Yes....Gross? Yes...But it's the only explanation. :)