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Why are my feet hurting if I SWAM today

Posted by Pam S. on 4/25/03 at 21:04 (117144)

Dear Friends:
I recently joined a new health club that has a nice indoor pool. It took extra time, but I decided to swim and REALLY rest my feet. I was not on a treadmill before - just doing recumbant bike and eliptical trainer for exercise. I have read from several of you that the bike etc. can flare up your feet so I got worried that maybe I am making matters worse.
I am having quite a bit of pain tonight and all I did was swim and go to the grocery store. GO FIGURE!!! My arches burn. Worse in the foot I had the TTS surgery in. I really do not know what the heck is going on. I have no heel pain in the am and my feet pretty much hurt all day. Compression sock was helping but NOT TODAY.....
Having a bad time and hope to hear your remarks.
ps please do not tell me not to exercise because I have fibro and MUST move or my body will flare up.....what to do what to do what to do what to


Pam S. on 4/25/03 at 21:07 (117145)

and it is Black Tie so what shoes do I wear????????????

Re: Why are my feet hurting if I SWAM today

Pauline on 4/25/03 at 21:30 (117148)

When this happens try the contrast foot baths at night. First hot then immediately cold. Keep switching and see if you can trick the nerve impulses. Maybe it will give you some relief.

My guess and it's purely a guess is the water resistance as you kick through the water causes your feet to fatigue because they are working.


diana on 4/25/03 at 21:31 (117150)

My feet hurt from swimming and water aerobics sometimes too. I didn't want to give this up so I don't go as often as I would like to and try not to bend and twist my feet too much when I do go. I went today and mine are also burning more now. I try to come home and ice them when I can. diana

Re: Why are my feet hurting if I SWAM today

mike p on 4/26/03 at 18:57 (117204)

Swimming excercises tendons in your feet that you do not normally excercise by walking. Remember, swimming is good for the joints- takes the pressure off the joints. TTS has nothing to do with joint pressure- If you stressed the ligaments and tendons in the surrounding area they will be sore and consequently perhaps they will inflate somewhat. The slight inflamation may aggrevate the TTS. Simply, when you dont excercise a certain muscle group or body part it gets sore the frist time you do, I think this has happened to you.

Please note that I am not a doctor- i just took a guess at why swimming may have aggitated your TTS condition.

Re: Why are my feet hurting if I SWAM today

Pam S. on 4/27/03 at 23:01 (117243)

Thank you all for your answers. I just cannot believe swimming could do that but you are right I am sure now. Nothing can be easy ... right?

Re: Why are my feet hurting if I SWAM today

Dot B on 5/03/03 at 15:51 (117759)

Does swimming really help? I would stay off the bike if I were you. My daughter Laura' pain first started using a tread mill to releive the fibro and has had constant tarsal pain since

Re: Why are my feet hurting if I SWAM today

Sharon W on 5/03/03 at 18:40 (117772)

Oh, yes, Laura isn't the only one to develop foot problems after using a treadmill! I would keep off treadmills from now on, if I were her... I think it may have been part of my own reasons for developing foot problems, since at the time it happened I was trying to get more healthy and had been going to the Y to trot on the treadmill a couple of times a week!


Re: Why are my feet hurting if I SWAM today

Pam S. on 5/03/03 at 22:27 (117777)

Sharon and Dot:
I am glad I spotted this post. I am leaving town in the morning so not much time to 'chat' but MY problems all began when I was using the treadmill ALOT. I always thought the treadmill was EASIER on the feet than the street. I have never thought of that before. Should I not walk outside either (for fitness) I just really love to walk. But I have to walk alot all day just in everyday life. Why should I not do the bike, Dot. I am sort of confused these days. I need to think about what SHOES to pack. Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Fibro patients really need to exercise. This is a tough one.

Re: Why are my feet hurting if I SWAM today

Sharon W on 5/03/03 at 23:02 (117778)


I remember that one of the doctors on these boards (can't remember which one) was saying that treadmills are bad because of some sort of drag they put on the foot, that the treadmill puts too much stress on the foot as your weight is being transferred from one foot to the other -- or something like that. (Anyway, the doctor gave a good explanation for why treadmills are not good with foot problems, much better than the garbled one I just tried to give you!) #-o

Pam, have a nice trip!