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Posted by carmen h on 4/25/03 at 21:45 (117153)

I suggest you repost your message on PN and put 'to the doctors' in the subject so it gets attention. Tell me in this thread 'What are your symptoms' exactly and when do they happen.
I have run the gammut on doctors as well and the tests, and the meds and all the crap....I have found the best thing that has worked for me (besides the SDO orthotics) is to do things that keep my mind busy, that release endorphins (volunteer work) and wear good shoes. MMeds? forget it. I gave up on those...all of them. I have taken supplements all my life and upped the B vitamins and added a few here and there but nothing has made a huge difference.
I don't post a lot or read alot anymore as I felt I concentrated too much on my pain and it stopped me from feeling better. Interested in your symptoms though if you have time.


Bev on 4/26/03 at 08:40 (117161)

Carmen, Where do you want me to post my message on PN ? I always said that when I retire I wanted to do volunteer work (mostly at church) however I cannot even leave the house much let-a-lone get anywhere . My feet do not allow me to go places much . I go to Walmart to get groceries with the electric cart with my daughter on her day off(my grandson rides on my lap :) ) I am forcably retired now, I surely did not plan to stop working, however a nurse is not much good without her feet. Slowly over the past 2 years I have had sore feet(first step pain, all day foot pain,severe heel pain, arch pain, at night stabbing pain shooting through the foot like electricity,burning & numbing in feet when I go to bed,
limping all day at work, ice feet at lunch hour, trying new shoes over and over (I always wore good shoes), they just kept getting worse. I would come home from work crying and straight to bed with ice packs every night for months,(my poor hubby never got supper) lived on pain meds to get through the work day (T3's). Finally to doctors, bone scan showed PF, had PT, and stretching and Motrin with no help at all. More doctors ,orthotics, various meds(vioxx,celebrex,Bextra), no help, more PT, another doctor(neuro) EMG, he said no large nerve damage. Finally my GP put me in cam boots 24/7 and off work and off feet, on Motrin 800mg. TID October 2002. Now I no longer wear cam boots 24/7 but I do wear night splints every night & arch supports I got from FootSmart catalog and my NB and orthotics or camboots if I go anywhere. I wear Birks around the house a little too. I was on Neurontin but it stole what little brain power I had left so now I am on Topamax for the burning pain and the Motrin 800mg. The doctor will not give me anything more for the pain so I just have to put up with it. I still have a lot of pain, still the same ol' same ol'. I have an appointment with another doctor in Lansing next week so we will see what he says. Maybe if I did not have all of this pain I could get out and do things , however I can not walk with all of this pain I am in. I do get out with hubby and the kids and grand children and church meetings and all,and go out of town to our other childrens and to meetings and things.With hubby , he can drive me right to the door and I do not have to walk much if there is a w/c handy or there is only a very short walk to get to where we are-a-goin'. I surely never planed to be 'old' this 'young'. I was always so very active and always on-the-go all of the time , I never thought I would be a 'useless ol' lady'. Needless to say, this whole thing is leaving me pretty darned depressed. I need to get out of this slump :(( Well, on a better note, looks like it is going to be a nice day. I will try to get a few things done and get outside in the sun.Hubby is working at a big church function today that I always used to do to before PF( for 10 years), so hopeefully next year I will be able to do it again :) When you asked me that simple question I bet you didn't expect such a long disseration, did you, sorry :D Have a great day carmen , Bev (:(PIPE) wore me out :) haha :)


carmen h on 4/28/03 at 08:28 (117253)

I meant 'repost your question to the doctors on this board but put ATTN: Docs in the subject line so they will see it.'
Most of the time when people start responding to posts here and it gets too long Doctors don't have time to read all the post thread.
Sounds like you have been through a lot too...I think we all have. I am fortunate enough to be able to walk for distances, and stand on my feet all day if I HAVE to...but I wasn't always able to.
It is a long process of healing.....hang in there.