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What's planter fibroma (foot)?

Posted by Jan T. on 4/26/03 at 09:21 (117166)

What causes planter fibroma and what can be done about it? After following suspicious lumps on the inside arch of my left foot for about 16 months, ice, elevation, orthotics...surgery was only other option. Hope I made the right decision. I have a great doc and have every confidence in his recommendation and skill. But....still I wonder. What causes p.f.? -J.T.

Re: What's planter fibroma (foot)?

Carole C in NOLA on 4/26/03 at 09:28 (117168)

Jan, you might get a better response if you posted this on the 'Ask the Foot Doctors' message board at this site. This is the Social/Support board, and while we're more than happy to answer questions, most of us don't have plantar fibromas or know much about them.

I do remember one person from Lafayette, Louisiana, who had a fibroma. It seems to me that the treatment was pretty much the same as for plantar fasciitis. In her case, I don't think she had surgery but I'm not absolutely sure that I remember correctly on that.

Carole C

Re: What's planter fibroma (foot)?

Richard on 12/24/03 at 20:01 (140772)

I'm not a doctor but I did have a removal of a Fibroma from my left foot about three years ago. To the point, I have never had this problem before and suspect being an avid weightlifter had something to do with it. I'm in the navy and once on leave in Thailand I figured I'd impress the locales by really stretching my calf while doing weighted toe raises. I had no problem until the next morning when I noticed a small bump on the bottom of my foot, which continued to be an annoyance so I terminated it. Speaking for only myself now for even doctors are not sure to the cause, stretching my tendon sheath as I did made a slight disconnect in the neural network of my foot, my body doing its best to reconnect/heal(no pun) created this unsitely lump(Wala Frankenstein). Severe trauma I suspect. Rich