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MONTE-Here's your answers to - Is it Possible.

Posted by Jane on 4/27/03 at 13:11 (117224)

At the worst - yes arches too. My toes were even starting to hurt. it started in my heals No I don't know how I got PF...I did use to walk alot before I got. Dh claims it was the $3.00 sneakers I always wore from Kmart....LOL I'm sure there's more logic to that then my theory of why my feet are getting better....LOL When it was at it's worse it was more than a 10....I literally could not do more than 1/2 hour of chores a day....I was told to sit but you can't tell a Mom of a 5 year old and a baby to sit. I iced, I got cortizone shots that lasted literally 2 hours, I got orthotics that I believed never kicked in...who knows maybe it was the orthotics but that it took almost 2 years to do their jobs....they are prescription orthotics....I have nite splints. My pain level at it's worse right now I would say is about a 4. The % I feel better I would have to say is 75 % - 80% if you consider
this was then:
I would have to get out of bed leaning on something to walk to the bathroom in the morning.
I could not go grocery shopping with out having a 'plan'.
I could not stand more than 2 minutes talking to someone.
I could not do my walking.
I don't hurt at all when I get up in the morning.
I dont'mind going grocery shoping and I don't need a plan.
I can stand more than an hour in the same spot talking to a neighbor (like I was just doing before I came on here)
I can walk around the block which is 8 tenth's of a mile.

Today already I've cut the grass (big yard) and walked around the block and talked 1/2 hour to a friend standing in the same spot and they still don't hurt.

They will bother me tonite when I sit down to watch TV and they will hurt but I won't have to hold on to something while walking to bed. :

Now if I did what I already did today for say 3 to 4 days in a row....I would be on my butt for a day recuperating....

Re: MONTE-Here's your answers to - Is it Possible.

Jane on 4/27/03 at 13:18 (117225)

Just wanted to add...I did the gels, the cremes, special socks, the physical therapy and even a hydrowater massage(don't really know the name) and nothing worked....
My mom just noticed something in a magazine for plantarfacitis that she is ordering for me. If I remember correctly it may be something for arches, don't know til they come in. While they feel much much better...I still never turn down any kind of possiblity for making them feel better than they already are. :)