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Has anyone been treated by Dr. John Gould?

Posted by Dan D. on 4/27/03 at 23:03 (117244)

My orthopaedic doctor gave me a copy of an article by an orthopaedic surgeon by the name of John Gould at the Alabama Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham. Dr. Gould performs surgery that releases the plantar fascia and the quadratus plantae fascia under the lateral plantar nerve. In this article (published in the Jan. 2003 edition of The American Journal of Orthopaedics), he claims that his surgical procedure has a 95% success rate. Just wondering if anyone out there has been treated by Dr. Gould or knows someome who has? Or perhaps there are doctors out there who have read this article and have an opinion on it. I have had severe PF for 6 years requiring crutches and have made an appointment to visit Dr. Gould. This will entail a 9 hour drive, so I thought I would ask about him on-line before I make the long trek.