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Is this a plantar's problem?

Posted by Barb B. on 4/28/03 at 07:03 (117250)

I am experiencing foot pain on the top part of my foot. When I step down on it, it feels very stiff and sore. When I wear my tennis shoes, it is better. The heel doesn't hurt. Sometimes, there is a cramped feeling, like I need to stretch my foot(at least, not yet). I have had the pain many times in the past and it has lasted for a day or less. Now the pain has been here for several weeks. Even when I have my foot propped up, I feel sort of a stinging sensation. Any help will be appreciated.

Re: Is this a plantar's problem?

Dr. Z on 4/28/03 at 19:23 (117297)


This could be the start of a tendonitis, possible neuroma ( atypical presentation). Could be inflamation in one of the joint in the mid foot.
Rest,adavil( if you can take it) is a start if this doesn't improve and or resolve your problem in a few days it's time to see your local podiatrist.
Don't ignore this and hope it would go away