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Need some help BAD

Posted by Terry W. on 4/28/03 at 14:32 (117269)

I am not sure if this Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is what I have. The reason being, my problem starts at the 'outside' of my ankles,in my right foot, it is now in both my feet. But it does sound like it could be. Can it hurt on the outside instead of the inside of the ankle?

When I am on my feet alot, I have to get everything done then, because once I sit down, when I get up, I can't move my feet, I have had 4 children and the pain is worse than labor. My husband has to help me to the bathroom, etc...
I was working, beside the pain, my feet swelled so bad, by the time I would get home, I could barely get out of the car.I finally had to quit because I would still be hurting so bad the next day, and my job was were I was on my feet 8 hours a day. Steps are a killer for me, when my feet are like this.

Yesterday, I worked in my yard, last nite, I was unable to walk by myself. As long as I hung on to furniture or a wall, I with a GREAT deal of pain, could slid my feet and get where I needed to go.
This moring, they don't hurt as bad. But when I go to get up, I have to been careful and be ready to catch myself. It normally takes me a few days to get to the point where, I am more able to get around.
My Internal Med Doctor told me, I may have to just get use to pain as I get older..excuse, me? I am only 47. I do have a little bit of arthritis in my right ankle but have been told, it shouldn't be causing that much pain. Any info, help, please.

Re: Need some help BAD

SteveG on 4/28/03 at 14:52 (117273)

Hard to say what is going on with your feet; however, you need a complete diagnostic workup to figure out what is wrong - and then a treatment plan. That much pain and swelling needs to be evaluated.

Re: Need some help BAD

Sharon W on 4/29/03 at 08:34 (117329)


Your internal med doctor is incredibly insensitive! Sounds to me like you need a new one. That level of pain is NOT just from 'getting older,' and I agree with Steve -- you need to be seen by a foot and ankle specialist right away. If your regular doctor won't give you a referral, either call around to find a podiatrist willing to see you without one, or find a new primary care provider right away who WILL give you that referral!

If your problem is indeed that 'mild' arthritis in your right ankle getting much worse, a foot and ankle specialist should be able to determine that too.

By the way, TTS doesn't normally hurt on the OUTSIDE of the ankle, it hurts the arch, the bottom of the foot, sometimes the toes (but not the big one), sometimes the heel... and ofthen the INSIDE of the ankle.


Re: Need some help BAD

Nicole on 4/29/03 at 09:31 (117331)

Sharon, TTS pain is also in your big toe, that is my worse.

Re: Need some help BAD

Kathie O on 4/30/03 at 11:49 (117431)

I know the struggle you are going through. I went through two years and six doctors before I had a diagnosis. Like you, my pain started on the outside of my ankles, but progressed inside, to my arches, and my toes. The muscle cramps were unbearable, and I actually broke two toes due to cramping. The good news is that once I was diagnosed (mostly by process of elimination) and began using Neurontin, the pain VERY QUICKLY lessened. I have not opted for the surgery yet, as long as I can function very close to normally I don't think I will. I know how depressing all this can be, but believe me when I tell you that finding people who truly understand your pain and frustration helps more than you could know. Grieve for what you can't do, celebrate what you can do, and pray for patience. Take car.

Re: Need some help BAD

Terry W. on 4/30/03 at 14:54 (117441)

Thank you for all of ya'll advice and encouragement. I went to a foot doctor a couple of weeks ago..(not sure if I will stay with him, his bedside manner sucks). Anyway he had me stand up and step into a blue foam stuff, he got the impression of my feet and he is gonna call me when, some kind of thingy I put in my shoes come back. I also have a appointment next week with a bone doctor..I hate not being about to spell the correct names for them..lol..I told this doctor's nurse, I really didn't think it was bone related but I needed something done fast. I will not accept the fact that no matter what is causing this, can't be fixed or helped. It is so depressing for me, to think if this is the way it has to be, how will I deal with it. I love to mow the grass, work in my garden, to walk period. If I hear the statement, 'Oh, you are just out of shape', from one more person, I am going to put my hurting feet up there __, were the sun don't shine! Today my feet are better, there are sore, but not as bad as there were. I notice when I am walking in the yard, I have a bad pain, if I step on any ground that is not totally level. Again, thanks!!!

Re: Need some help BAD

BrianG on 4/30/03 at 21:18 (117488)

Hi Terry,

Can I give you a little advice. I think it's time to start carrying a notebook with you. When the doctor tells you something, write it down. It you don't understand it, look it up when you get home, on the Net.

You can also use the notebook to keep track of how you are feeling. Write down what the pain is like, what it's doing to you, at certain times of the day. Keeping a journal is very helpful for both you, and your doctor. When he looks at it, it may help him to decide what tests you should be getting. On the other hand, you'll need the notes should you never heal, and have to file for disability.

Good luck