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Pain in top of feet

Posted by Bill S. on 4/28/03 at 20:02 (117301)

What can I do for the pain in the top of my feet. I have worn orthodics for 12 years, my feet have fallen and I have no arch an heel spurs also I have spurs on the top of my feet. I have some pain in my calves and shins. I have had my orthodics adjusted several times and I can't go any higher. Any suggestions?

Re: Pain in top of feet

JohnV on 4/29/03 at 07:52 (117326)


Can you move your big toes freely? If not, you probably have hallux limitus (arthritis) in you big toe joints like me. This condition is accompanied by bone spurs on the top of the foot.

I recently had surgery on my right foot to remove them. So far, so good.