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Amish Country

Posted by Kathy G on 4/29/03 at 10:36 (117336)

We're leaving Saturday to visit Amish country and my sister is Annapolis. I used to think it was terrible that people went and 'gaped' at Amish people but I've come to understand that 'gapers' are the basis of their economy. I've never been to Pennsylvania before and they say it's beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the Amish quilt shops and their farms. And I understand their food is just delicious! We're staying in Paradise and I always wanted to visit Paradise!

My sister would like to go to a place called Longwood Gardens outside of Philadelphia on Sunday. It looks just beautiful. It's over 1,000 acres of gardens and greenhouses. I'm concerned that if I go there, I'll be done in for the rest of the visit. I guess I'll have to use one of their wheelchairs. I did that last year when we went to Disney, and my ankle was sprained, but I have to tell you that along with the fact that I didn't like being pushed around, the dumb wheelchair just killed my lower back. I think it's because it doesn't have much support as it's made from fabric.

I vowed that I wouldn't allow my stupid feet to stop me from doing things so I'll just have to grin and bear it, I guess. I am looking forward to everything but the flight (Wendyn, you identify!) but once I get up in air, I'll be fine!

Re: Amish Country

Suzanne D on 4/29/03 at 12:08 (117343)

Hi, Kathy! That sounds like a really nice trip for you, and I hope you enjoy it immensely! If you use the wheelchair for the gardens, maybe that will keep your feet happy and able to do other things you have planned. Maybe other folks who've had experience with wheelchairs could give you some tips in making it more comfortable for you (pillow for your back?,etc.)

I'll be thinking of you Saturday and wishing you well!

Suzanne :)

Re: Amish Country

Bev on 4/29/03 at 13:39 (117347)

It is so very neat to see all of the horse and buggys all lined up at the stores at the Amish places. I loved going there. The Amish people are so friendly and kind, I almost wanted to pack up and go live with them. Their craft and quilts and all are so special, they are a special people. I only wish that I could have afforded to purchase one of their quilts, however I was not able to /:) I wanted a wall hanging, but hubby said no to that too :(( Hope you have better luck than I did :D Have a great trip :)

Re: Amish Country

Tammie on 4/29/03 at 13:52 (117348)

Oh you are in for a treat , Amish country is plain but very beautiful they take very good care of there space meaning land home ect. There food is wonderful yummy and full tummy kind. They live a simple life but it nonethe less is one of the most beautiful eye opening country you will visit if you enjoy country type living.

I do not live in the PA area but visited often and my Granny lived there among friends. We also live in the amish land tho it is Ohio. I love the country life I am one of those who likes natures given beauty the ones that man has not disturbed. I am not a hearty eater but they are nown for the best cooking ever and there pastries and desserts are to die for most people love there pies.It is hard not to stare when it is so eye catching and it interests people how they live the simple life with out all of the extras, with the horse and buggies tho living around them I know what a hazard they are on those foggy nights and the cold and snowy blizzard conditions when you think we should all be home and tucked in, and no they are out there trudging along and cant be seen. But I guess to them it is natural but to those of us in cars it is not and they do not move to side of road either that is a anger spit fire that the yankies and the amish have lol they pay no taxes and no road repairs but they use them and they destroy them with there buggies and there horses shoes. It is hard to tell them from there country that it is nice they have tradition but there tradition may get there people killed as cars cannot see the black buggies at night that they need some lighting or triangle on but they refuse them saying they need them not. But still they are very heart given people the ones to help if ever a crisis and thye are around they will be the first in line to help a neighbor or a friend and not even do they need to know you they are the kind that help because they are kind and loving people.

So I wish you a wonderful trip and hope you enjoy visiting and seeing some gardens I love the hay when they start to plant and bale and such it always brings back the memories when I was young and baled hay for our horses! Take care and remember have fun!Ps about the WC comfort try some nice soft lambs wool or they make a nice Gel cushion for them you might ask at a geriatric center near you for some ideas they are wonderful at helping. Off hand I can only think of that and maybe a small pillow. But have a good time! And yes grit the teeth and use the wheel chair dont allow the feet to take away the beauty of enjoying a wonderful trip.

Re: Amish Country

JudyS on 4/29/03 at 14:06 (117350)

Kathy - I've not seen the Amish culture in PA but I have seen it in the north part of Indiana and really admired it. My sister, for all the years she lived there, showed me quite a bit of the land, homes and, especially, the skilled craft work. I never got tired of it and I sure hope you enjoy it too!

Re: Amish Country

Necee on 4/30/03 at 00:05 (117407)

Oh Kathy you are in for a wonderful treat!

I have been to the PA dutch country, and it's like nothing I've ever seen before. The Amish live very simple lives, no electricity, etc. The things we take for granted and need daily, are things they can live without. They farm their land without modern tractors, if you drive through the farmland, you will see the men working the fields with mules and primitive farm implements.
My most vivid memories of the dutch country are driving the winding farm roads and seeing these huge barns with beautiful flowers planted all around them, they were so neat and clean! There were quaint old farm houses scattered throughout, and not a telephone pole, or electrical line could be seen anywhere. The clotheslines were filled with handmade quilts, and freshly hand washed clothes. One thing that sticks out in my mind were seeing these cute little Amish children walking to a one room schoolhouse, each one was carrying their lunch in an old metal lunch pail. The boys were dressed in dark colored pants, white shirts and suspenders. The girls wore long dark blue dresses, and bonnets.

I would highly recommend....in order for you to really understand and see the true lifestyle of the Amish, you must drive the backroads through the Dutch country. The places in the small towns are nice, but tend to be more touristy, and not the genuine Amish. You must get out into the countryside if you want to see how they live in reality.
Hope you have a safe and fun trip, let us know about all your adventures when you get back.

This post has allowed me to think back several years ago and relive a wonderful trip that my husband and I made to PA, and upstate NY, kinda makes me want to go back there again! We also went to Washington on that trip and toured all the sights there, can you imagine driving from Texas all the way to Niagra Falls and back in a pickup truck!

Happy trails......


Re: Amish Country

Bev on 4/30/03 at 06:59 (117412)

One thing I remember was when we went to one Amish farm house to buy some home made maple syrup , it was so very, very guiet. The house was all white, with white curtains, spotless white and spotless clean. In the 'basement' room hung all their hats and lanterns on hooks . Outside all their dark clothes hung on the line. The family and children were all so sweet and polite.
In contrast ---- in the van our children sat with 'their ears on' -- listening to their music and playing their hand held video games -- chomping on their junk foods -- in their cut off shorts and t-shirts (till we made them come out to meet the nice Amish people). That was a very nice trip.

Re: Amish Country

Kathy G on 4/30/03 at 08:11 (117420)

A friend who visited the same area gave me an excellent video which explained some of the history of the Amish people and their traditions. It will make the trip all the more interesting.

In Annapolis, twice a week, the Amish have a farmer's market. My sister brought us to it once and it was really fascinating seeing them all dressed in identical garb, all ages working together. They were very friendly people.

I was working at the Library at the time and told my fellow workers about visiting the market. I mentioned that they had the 'English' drive them in by truck twice a week and what a trek it must have been for them to come all that way. One dear lady, who is quite brilliant but a bit spacey, looked at me in amazement.

'The English come all the way over twice a week to drive them to Annapolis?' she asked. I then realized that I knew a bit more about the Amish people than some. I assumed everyone knew that they referred to everyone else but themselves as the 'English.' I found out how wrong I was!