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use of orthotics post ESWT

Posted by Rosemary M on 4/29/03 at 21:34 (117399)

Would appreciate some opinions regarding the introduction of a new orthotic post ESWT (12 weeks after). Is it advisable to introduce something new to the foot at this time. I am wondering if this would cause a regression or interfere with the healing process.

Re: use of orthotics post ESWT

Dr. David S. Wander on 4/30/03 at 14:00 (117437)

I highly recommend the use of orthoses following ESWT, to control the mechanical problems that contributed to the original pain. The time frame to begin new orthoses is up to the individual doctor. I prefer to have patients in orthoses prior to ESWT. If you do use the new orthoses, be patient and allow a break in period and hopefully all will go smoothly. The orthoses should not interfere with the healing process and should not cause a regression.