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Cost of Epos Treatment

Posted by BrianJ on 4/29/03 at 23:04 (117402)

I checked on the cost of one Dornier Epos ESWT treatment in the North Texas area. It's $7,100! My insurance (Aetna) does not cover it, so it doesn't look like I'll be trying the Epos at this time. Is this the same amount people are paying in other states for Epos treatment?

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

dave r on 4/30/03 at 07:47 (117418)

holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is alot. Dr. Z is less than half of that and you can keep going back!!!

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

Dr. Z on 4/30/03 at 17:18 (117457)


I would very happy to discuess our cost and experience with the Epos. We are the most experienced Epos mobile treatment Center is the USA. Our cost is alot less. If you e-mail Dr. Z at (email removed) I would be happy to discuss and have one of our ESWT coordinators send you our informational packet

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

Dr. A on 4/30/03 at 21:10 (117487)

I charge $1800 for the first treatment and $600 for repeat treatments in St. Louis. You can find more info on heelpaincenter.com or call my office.
There are 5 testimonials you can listen to and a video of the procedure.

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

Don Scott on 5/01/03 at 00:26 (117508)

$7,100.00 is about $13,000 Australian

In Australia the average is about $450.00AUD or $260.00USD for the 3 treatments or $150.00 per session.
We do not use L.A. as we find there is no need.
We advise the patient to use WARM PACKS to increase vascular supply to treated area post session.

We treat Plantar Fasciitis (Level 9), Achilles (Level 5), Plantar Nodules (Level 9), Patella tendonitis (Level 9), Medial and Leteral Epicondylitis (Level 9), Greater Trochantar tendonitis (Level 9) and Shoulders (Level 9).
There are no difference between the machine in the US and Australia.

To Brain J there are other ESWT treatment locations on this planet that can treat you for a lot less than you have been told.

Donald Iain Scott
Podiatrist and ESWT Therapist

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

Jane M on 5/01/03 at 17:12 (117577)

HI, I visited with my foot doctor today.( I live in Iowa) He has the Epos Ultra. The cost is $1500. He told me that the reason it is so costly in large cities like Dallas is that they are charging the same as a Urologist would charge to treat kidney stones. They charge that because they can get away with it. He said that actually the Dornier people come in to his office with their machine and they actually do the treatment while he just sits there. He says out of the $1500 they get $500 and he gets $1000. He also said that he expects the cost will go up in the future. He told me that my insurance ( Blue Cross) will not pay for the treatment until all other avenues of treatment have been explored. So he gave me my first cortisone shot. I had been extremly afraid of this but it didn't hurt .. just like a 'rubber band snap'.. Hope this will help me. I have had plantar facititis for 14 months.. Have done stretches, physical therapy, custom orthotics and nothing seems to help..except pain relievers.

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

Pauline on 5/01/03 at 18:26 (117585)

Dr. Z,
What are you charging patient currently?

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

Dr. Z on 5/01/03 at 18:28 (117587)


The national policy for ESWT treatment is six month of pain and three failed conservative treatment, that's if your insurance company does cover ESWT. There are companies out there that will charge the patient one fee and the insurance another fee. If your doctor is charging $1500 take it now if you aren't helped with the local steriod injections. The fee in your doctor's area will go way up. There are alot of equipment companies that will only charge the $500 dollars in the beginning but will raise the fee to over $5000 once they start doctors treating patients. So get the ESWT now if you want that price

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

Dr. A on 5/01/03 at 22:12 (117629)

I agree with Dr. Z- jump on the price

Dornier is providing the machine to your doctor at no cost in order to promote their product. There will come a time when the owner of the machine will want $1250 and the Dr's share will be $250. He will of course raise his price. I performed my first 10 epos ultra procedures at no charge for the use of the machine and I have been hooked ever since!

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

john h on 5/03/03 at 10:44 (117735)

Hey Dr. A where was I when you were doing these free treatments? By the way I was having a physical last week and had a stress test which required me to run on a very steep incline for about 13 minutes until I got my heart rate up to 180. My feet are still here and that is the first time I have ran in 5 years. Maybe that EPOS treatment helped. My cardiologist and his nurse both have PF and neither had ever heard of ESWT. He told me to continue to do what ever I have been doing as far as my heart goes as it was working great. He said rather than 2 glasses of wine a week to increase it to 7 a week. Sounds good to me..

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

john h on 5/03/03 at 10:50 (117737)

Dr. Z currenty charges 45 white leghorn chickens and 100 lbs of chicken feed in lieu of money.

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

john h on 5/03/03 at 10:52 (117738)

Having had a kidney stone removed by lithotriptor I can tell you it is a lot more expensive than ESWT. Including the surgery room, Urologist, Anathesioligist,techs, etc the price was on the order of $12,000.

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

john h on 5/03/03 at 10:54 (117739)

I can give Dr. A a testimonial as I have been there and had it done.

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

Pauline on 5/03/03 at 15:04 (117753)

What if they are one footed? Does the quanity needed to pay the bill go up?

Really I was just inquiring about Dr. Z's costs today because he says they are really low. Just wondering what 'Low' means. Dr. A and Sunny have posted their charges for posters, thought Dr. Z might too for comparison.

Re: Cost of Epos Treatment

Dr. A on 5/04/03 at 13:33 (117788)

John, thanks for the update and your kind words. I said the machine was provided to me at no cost, but that does not mean that I did not charge for my professional fee. Once I was able to see how well this technology worked, I couldn't justify charging nothing. As you know, I have tried my best to keep the costs down to make it affordable for chronic PF sufferers.

It is very encouraging for me that I was able to decrease your pain especially since you have not responded to more invasive treatments in the past.