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please answer today if possible.

Posted by kay on 4/30/03 at 11:56 (117432)

I will try to keep this short.
I have had trouble with my feet since I was 19, I am now 47.
at age 39 I went to my first foot doctor, ended up with epf surgery.
It did't work.
Last year I had open pf and tt surgery. Didn't help a bit, now I have nerve pain also.
Ok here is the big problem. I worked for 16 years in a factory. Before my surgery the doctor said I should find a sit down job because of my feet, I shouldn't go back. I then had surgery, 6 months later he sent me to a pain doctor and a month ago I sent him disability papers from my factory. This is NOT Social Security. It is to collect my early pension for being disabled from the job I did for all those years.

When I got the papers back in the mail he filled them all out except for one crucial part. On the papers it ask.....Is the applicant disability total, permanent and continuous. Then the doctor must check yes or no. He didn't check either.....Then it says if yes, when did the disability begin and HE PUT THE DATE IT BEGAN! So I thought it was an error. I called the clinic and they said since I am now seeing the pain doctor that is the doctor who would decide that...I ask my pain doctor and she said no she didn't do the surgery etc the ortho should do it. NOW WHAT?
I can't stand for more than 10 minutes without suffering. My life is ruined because of my pain and now I have to figure out what to do on this as I have no support from a doctor. I cry everytime I think about it. If he won't fill this out for me I will lose my pension and benefits I have worked for all these years.
My husband and I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to see him. I am sure he has no idea. What should I say to him? Help.

Re: please answer today if possible.

lara t on 4/30/03 at 15:51 (117447)

I don't really have an answer - but given your situation, I wanted you to know people were reading what you had to say - for all the good that does :$. Is there any agency, a not-for-profit of some sort, that would have liaisons, or social workers, or advocates to help? and support you? Sometimes communities happen to have something like that. I might bring a friend along that wasn't going to participate (so probably excludes your husband) to take notes on everything that happens and is said. I've been in positions where I needed to advocate for my kids, and despite training in advocacy I always brought along someone to observe and take notes. When I'm the parent, I have the parent hat on and it helps to have someone else who isn't involved. If you are the patient, it's even more difficult to wear two hats (patient & observer) If they have an understanding of the medical world it helps.

Good luck.

Re: please answer today if possible.

Ellen J. on 4/30/03 at 18:59 (117474)

Hi Kay,
I'm not experienced in this type of thing but I can tell you what I would do in your case, though I'm not sure I understand everything well enough to give my opinion. It sounds like you have an appt. with the original doctor (the one who incorrectly filled out the papers?). I would bring the papers along to the appt. and have him correct the 'errors' while I was there. If he says he will do it later and mail them to you again, I would say that I need them 'today' so that I can deliver them to the appropriate people. I might not be correctly understanding the situation, and if so I apologize. I have found, however, that many things can be accomplished in person that can't be done by phone, etc. I always start by being nice and 'assuming' that it was a simple error and if they resist I then get very firm. I agree that it's a good idea to bring someone else, esp. if it's hard to be firm with this person.
Good luck and let us know what happens,
Ellen J.

Re: please answer today if possible.

BrianG on 4/30/03 at 19:48 (117479)

Hi Kay,

You may need an attorney who specializes in work accidents. Don't sign anything unless you are 100% sure of what it means!

Good luck
BrianG, not a doc

Re: please answer today if possible.

lara t on 4/30/03 at 20:49 (117483)

I agree.

Re: please answer today if possible.

kay on 4/30/03 at 22:57 (117503)

From what I understand it isn't that he mistakenly didn't check the box, its because he does't want to make that decision. He wants to put it off on someone else it sounds like. He is the one who told me I need to find a sit down job. He is the one who approved me for a government program called Vocational Rehab so they'll pay for me to go back to college.


Re: please answer today if possible.

Bev on 5/01/03 at 06:29 (117516)

Do you want to go back to school, college? What do you want to study to do? Are you of the age where it will be reasonable for you to be retrained into another profession?

Re: please answer today if possible.

kay on 5/01/03 at 11:39 (117550)

I am 47, yes I am going back to school to retrain for something else. I am terrified at my age but I am not ready to give up........but I am still entitle to my benefits from my company for all the years I put in there. It is a pension disability pay that I earned through the years.
wish me luck I am leaving in a few minutes.

Re: please answer today if possible.

Ellen J. on 5/01/03 at 15:37 (117570)

Hi Kay,
I hope you'll let us know how your appt. went. I'm thinking of you and wishing you lots of luck!
Ellen J.