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UCBL orthotics

Posted by HilaryG on 5/01/03 at 07:45 (117519)

Help! The orthopedic surgeon said that UCBL inserts will save me from reconstructive surgery on my flat feet. However I am having a very hard time getting used to them. Any ideas, thoughts, experiences? Anyone?

Re: UCBL orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 5/01/03 at 09:00 (117530)

Are you having a hard time due to how rigid they are? If they have not been yet, I would suggest having some type of cushion added in order to make them more tolerable.

People with flat feet have the hardest time of all getting used to orthotics from what I have seen. How long have you had them? You may want to cut back on the amount of time you are wearing them each day as if you just received them.

Re: UCBL orthotics

HilaryG on 5/01/03 at 10:04 (117542)

Richard, I'm also having Active Release treatments of my feet. So maybe that it causing some of the discomfort. i guess I can't be sure.

Re: UCBL orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 5/01/03 at 13:36 (117559)

True...I would suggest seeing the doc or whoever made the UCBL to see what they can do.

Re: UCBL orthotics

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/01/03 at 18:36 (117588)

UCBL orthotics can be effective but we tend to use them more for kids. It is often the high medial flange (area on the inside of the heel and arch) that is hard to get used to. There are more practical alternatives.

Northwest Podiatric Labs makes a TPD device that can be just as effective as the UCBL but much more comfortable. Try working backwards by calling the lab (800-443-7260) and ask for providers in your area.