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Stress Fracture

Posted by Jeff D on 5/01/03 at 08:22 (117523)

Well all this time 4+ years all my doctors have suspected TTS, even though EMG's, x-rays, circulation tests, MRI's, etc. never pointed to TTS. I only have the symptoms. To rule out all other possibilities my new orthopedic sent me for a bone scan. And what do you know a lateral stress fracture on the sesamoid that never healed. Is it possible to have this 4 years? Well this complicated his diagonosis so he gave me an injection in my nerve. Nothing happened, nothing chnaged. So now I'm going to get fitted for an orthodic to take the weight off the fracture.

Not sure if this is a short term or long term fix. I guess I'll see if it helps. I go next Tuesday for the fitting.