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I went to see my doctor

Posted by kay on 5/01/03 at 20:59 (117613)

The doctor wants to send me for an evaluation so they can put any restriction on me in the work workplace. I didn't have a problem with this until I found out my insurance will not cover it and it is $800.00!

Even if they do put restrictions on me in the workplace my company will not let me come back unless I have no restrictions. So I will still need him to check that darn box saying I cannot return to work in full capacity.

I wished I could go back, I wish the surgery did help me. If I could have just 50% improvement I would return.


Re: I went to see my doctor

lara t on 5/02/03 at 22:00 (117721)

How frustrating! What will the evaluation tell him that he doesn't know now that affects that little box?