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Chicken Soup

Posted by Bev on 5/02/03 at 12:43 (117667)

What Chicken Soup did your daughter write for? I think My daugher-in-law has them all, I have some and my daughters have some too. They are nice reading. I would like to read your daughters story.

Re: Chicken Soup

Sharon W on 5/02/03 at 12:59 (117671)


That wasn't my daughter, it was Suzanne's.

How are you doing today, Bev? I was really glad to see that you are getting some relief from the higher dosage of Topamax...


Re: Chicken Soup

Bev on 5/02/03 at 13:15 (117674)

I am sore, my own fault. I had my grandson and we went around the yard picking up sticks a little, I should have known better, I can't get away with anything :> It is finally getting nice out and I want to be outside ,and I go buggy sitting still /:) Little-one just left so I will go pack I guess. You enjoy your day too :) Bev

Re: Chicken Soup

Bev on 5/02/03 at 13:30 (117678)


Sorry , had my 'S' girls mixed up today, it is your daughter, who has the story in Chicken Soup. Could you let us in on what book so we can read it, please? Thanks :) Bev

Re: Chicken Soup

Suzanne D on 5/02/03 at 19:45 (117711)

Thanks for your interest, Bev! Her story is in the new NO BODY'S PERFECT compiled by Kimberly Kerberger published by the Chicken Soup people. It came out in bookstores about 2 months ago. The title of her article is 'My Hands, My Accomplices'. It was written her senior year of high school and submitted a year later. She kept getting letters that they were keeping the story for future consideration as it didn't quite fit their latest book although they really liked it. That was three years ago, and we had all forgotten about it. Then she got the letter and copy of the book and later a nice check which came at a good time right before her wedding!

Thanks again for asking.
Suzanne :)