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Painful heel

Posted by Jane P on 5/02/03 at 20:01 (117715)

I have been doing some quite heavy lifting, digging, wheeling barrows etc. recently, wearing wellington boots, and the next day (not the day I'm doing it) I have a really painful left heel, especially when I get out of bed, and for the rest of the day walking is difficult. Stretching my calf and rotating my foot helps a bit. Having read your website, this sounds like PF to me, and the case histories are terrifying.( Occasionally when I run I get a pain like an electric shock in the arch of one foot, but I'm not sure if its always the left one, and there are no problems afterwards. It's been happening for years. I mention this because I thought it may be relevant)
I don't want to be crippled by this. I'm going to wear soft shoes from now on, and stretch regularly, and obviously rest if it hurts. Do you think its PF, and should I do anything else?

Re: Painful heel

Sharon W on 5/05/03 at 17:18 (117846)


You're right, that electric shock feeling might be relevant. Have you ever mentioned it to your doctor?