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questions on ESWT

Posted by Dan D. on 5/02/03 at 20:37 (117718)

I have had pf for 6 years and have been on crutches for most of that time.
I have tried ALL of the conservative treatments (and then some!). I'm just starting to consider ESWT. Are any insurance companies covering this now? Are there more locations where you can get this treatment now?
I'd appreciate any info available.


Re: questions on ESWT

Dr. Z on 5/02/03 at 20:48 (117720)

Do you have pain where the pf attaches to the bottom of the heel? Do you lijmp when you first get up in the morning or when you site for any length of time? Do you have pain in other areas of your feet or lower extremity?
What insuranc do you have at present. There are some companies that do cover ESWT rather list them I would be happy to explain your coverage if I can

Re: questions on ESWT

Dan D. on 5/04/03 at 03:54 (117781)

Dr. Z.

Yes, I do have pain where the pf attaches to the bottom of the heel and most of my symptoms sound like classic pf. But I've never noticed a significant difference when I get up in the morning. Generally, the pain is the same as the other times. Now I do use night splints which help relieve the pain as I sleep (as a slight stretch feels good). And since using night splints, I feel less tight in the morning. So, this sounds like classic pf, but I've always been a little confused about the sharp pain I'm supposed to feel when I take my first step in the morning, as I can't say that I've experienced that.

My insurance is Great-West.

Thanks, Dr. Z. I will be out of town until May 12 and unable to respond to any messages you may post until then, but I will look for your reply when I return on May 12. Thanks!


Re: questions on ESWT

john h on 5/04/03 at 18:21 (117800)

Dam no first step pain is really not all that unusual. In eight years I have never had first step pain. Pain just would increase during the day depending on my activity and how long I was on my feet. First step pain is a diagnostic tool but by no means a gold standard test for PF.

Re: To John questions on ESWT

Pauline on 5/04/03 at 20:11 (117807)

I thought the 'Gold Standard' test for PF was how much you spent toward achieving the cure:*) Now that's a real gold standard.

Re: To John questions on ESWT

john h on 5/06/03 at 11:38 (117910)

Pauline: You still have that great sense of humor. I would not want to add up what I have spent on PF over the past 8 years. Surely I could have gone on a trip around the world. Before PF you would never have caught me in a pair of sandals except at the beach. Now my closet is full of so many birk sandals I am embarassed.

Re: To John questions on ESWT

Pauline on 5/06/03 at 20:58 (117968)

I should have kept just the bills from all the shoes I purchased that I couldn't wear. Fortunately agencies take them for distribution.

We probably could have formed a shoe exchange program on this site. I remember someone sending their Birks to another person because they couldn't wear them.

I wonder how many miles of shoes we would have if everyone lined up the ones they purchased and couldn't wear.

Re: To John questions on ESWT

john h on 5/07/03 at 09:39 (118006)

Pauline I have sent new shoes to at least three people on the board that did not work for me and may have worked for them. At least two ladies and one guy wear my size 43.