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Flying and Wendy

Posted by john h on 5/03/03 at 10:48 (117736)

Wendy being the great flyer you are I read some interesting stats this week. Quants is the only airline who has never had a passenger fatality. Your chances are better of being struck by lighting twice than dieing in an aircraft accident. 45,000 fatalities on the highway last year.Flying is the only way to go.

Re: Flying and Wendy

Necee on 5/05/03 at 22:19 (117872)

Several years ago I took my first plane ride. I had always said I'd never fly, I wanted to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. After several weeks of begging and talking to me about taking a plane trip to Colorado, I gave in. On the way to the airport I kept thinking....I can't do this, I'll pass out, I'm too scared, my mind was on overload. When we got inside the terminal I said a quiet prayer, and just told myself there's nothing to be afraid of, it's suppose to be a fun and happy time. I just put my fears in Gods hands.
When we boarded that plane I was all excited, I couldn't wait till we took off, and when we did, boy was that a thrill! I loved every minute of it.

Several years after that 'virgin flight', I had the opportunity to take a plane trip with my cousin to Georgia, she had never flown before and as you can imagine she was terrified. I had mentioned when I called and made the plane reservations that she was terrified of flying, would you believe when we boarded the plane, seated directly behind my crying and very nervous cousin, sat an instructor who specialized in helping people overcome their fear of flying. She was wonderful! She talked to my cousin, and calmed her fears. She answered all her questions, and told her what to expect when we landed. This wonderful 'angel' never did say that she was put there on purpose, but I can't help but wonder.

Happy trails**=

Re: Flying and Wendy

john h on 5/06/03 at 11:32 (117909)

Neecee: In Wichita I had a friend who had a nice airplane. I had never flown one like it or knew anything about it. He asked me my wife and daughter to take a flight which sounded great to me but not my wife. So my daughter (age 9) and I arrived at the airport and he insisted I jump in the pilots seat. You can fly from either side. We fired up and were taxing out when he advised me he had never flown this plane and always had someone fly it for him and that he wanted me to fly him to an airport in North Wichita. At this point I figured there was not many aircraft I could not fly so I taxied on out and put the flaps in the normal position for most aircraft for takeoff and down the runway we went. Most aircraft will almost lift off on their own so that was not problem. Flying around in the sky is no big deal and actually landing on a airport runway like the big municiopal runway I took off from was no problem other than I did not know the approach and landing speeds of this aircraft. Unfortunately the airport where I was flying him was a short dirt runway with thousands of people right up on the edge of the runway as there was an airshow going on. On this short runway I had to hit on the end in order to be able to stop and be concerned about all the people literally standing on the edge of the runway all the way from end to end. So down we go and luckily we landed where we should and all went well. My daughter thought it was great and luckily my wife was not there as she is like Wendy when it comes to flying. I once had her in a helicopter and just went no further than a hover and she was ready for a Valium immediately. My friend who owned this aircraft also owned a P-51. The most powerful piston driven plane ever. It could go over 500mph and you had to be an animal to fly it as the torque on takeoff took most of the power in one leg to hold the aircraft straight. My friend told me to hop in that fighter and take it for a spin. I knew that was really to much of a risk but if I had a manual and had time to study its characteristics and speeds,etc. I might have given it a go as this was one of the great planes of WWII and allowed our bombers to survive over Germany as it had the range to escort them there and back.