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still having trouble with walking

Posted by martha g on 5/03/03 at 13:03 (117746)

To Whom it May concern;

I have had the shockwave therapy on my heel, and I am still having alot of trouble walking and standing. As of now I am wearing a walking cast but I still can't walk long. I have tried ice and Ibuprofen and I'm still having alot of trouble with my heel. Can you offer any other suggestions as what I could do to relieve the pain?

Re: still having trouble with walking

Carole C in NOLA on 5/03/03 at 18:37 (117771)


I'm not a doctor, but I have recovered considerably from plantar fasciitis (PF). So, I thought I'd post some suggestions, until a doctor can answer your post.

Did your doctor diagnose you with PF? I'm assuming he did, and also that it has been at least six weeks since you had ESWT treatment. Is that correct?

If so, here are my suggestions. Read the heel pain book, which is free on this website, because it has a lot of good information and ideas. Also, keep reading the message board for ideas, and post any questions that you may have.

Try very gentle stretching, such as Julie's Yoga stretches (click on the word Yoga for a description of them). It is probably not too good of an idea to do any more vigorous stretching until your feet are feeling better, because that can be harmful. But gentle stretching can be very helpful.

Resting your feet so that they can heal, is very, very important. If you work standing on concrete, try to get temporarily re-assigned to a sit-down job.

I have found that if something hurts, generally it is making my feet worse to continue to do it. So, I don't do things that hurt.

If your walking cast is removable, you should still never go barefoot, not even in the shower. Many of us have found custom orthotics, or Birkenstocks, to be helpful.

I hope these ideas help.

Carole C

Re: still having trouble with walking

Bev on 5/06/03 at 08:30 (117890)

If I may also ask on this thread, my doctor told me yesterday that' ESWT takes 12 minutes per foot, you walk out of here and you are healed '. What do you think of his prediction? This was a DPM I went to in Lansing , MI . He said they do ESWT as an out patient at the hospital there.