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soft footbed info for Dorothy C.

Posted by Suzanne D on 5/04/03 at 06:42 (117782)

Hi, Dorothy! Since your post under Snummertime Sandals was near the bottom of the page, I started a new thread in hopes you wouldn't miss my reply.

Here's what the online site, Birkenstock Express, states about the soft footbed:

Materials: Cork, Latex, and Foam
Accommodation: Molds to the shape of your foot. Toe grip absent.
Arch Support: Subtle arch support.
Heel Cup: Shallow heel cup. Includes 3/16 inch molded foam pad underneath for cushioning.
Widths: Regular and Narrow.
Break-in: Shorter break-in period than a Classic.

I hope that helps. As you can see, there is 3/16' of padding and no toe grip. It would be great if you could try on a pair to feel the difference.

Good luck!
Suzanne :)

Re: Wolky sandals--anyone tried them yet?

Ellen J. on 5/04/03 at 19:08 (117802)

I just tried on a new sandal in a store and it felt really good. It is a sandal by Wolky and the model is called 'Colorado'. I don't know if this is a good shoe yet, as I had to order a pair because they didn't have my size. The footbed is super cushioned and it's really wide so it looks huge on my narrow feet. It looks alot like a Birkenstock. It has arch support, though I can't remember how much. I guess I will find out soon when they arrive. The thing I liked is that the footbed is so cushioned!
Now that you mentioned the Birk Express I'll look for that in a store. I've always wanted to wear a Birk but couldn't due to the hard footbed. People keep telling me about the cushioned version but I have not found them in stores in my area yet.
If anyone has tried the Wolky Colorado I would be interested to hear what they thought about them.
Ellen J.

Re: Birkenstock soft footbed

Carole C in NOLA on 5/04/03 at 20:00 (117805)

Like Suzanne said, it's really a good idea to try the soft footbed. Some people love it, and some don't. I tried it at my local Birkenstock dealer. I put a soft footbed Arizona on one foot, and a regular Arizona on the other. I didn't like the soft footbed quite as well, though many others love it.

The soft footbed shape is the same as the classic orthotic footbed shape; it's just cushioned a little.

So, it is basically the same Birkenstock shape that has helped so very many PF sufferers.

Carole C

Re: trying on soft footbed Birkenstocks

Carole C in NOLA on 5/04/03 at 20:05 (117806)

Ellen, if you have a Birkenstock store where you live, they might order a soft footbed Arizona or Florida for you to try, if you told them that you might possibly be interested but had never seen one. It might be worth asking. Ask them for a catalog, too! It might have other soft footbed styles that I'm not aware of.

Carole C

Re: trying on soft footbed Birkenstocks

Suzanne D on 5/04/03 at 20:23 (117811)

I just noticed today on the Birkenstock Express internet site another sandal available with the soft footbed. It is the Atlanta model. Here's a link (I hope it works!) to that page so you can see it:


Suzanne :)

Re: soft footbed info for Dorothy C.

Dorothy C. on 5/04/03 at 23:13 (117816)

Thank you so much, Suzanne, for the thorough information. I will look for them.
Best wishes,

Re: trying on soft footbed Birkenstocks

Ellen J. on 5/05/03 at 09:30 (117825)

That's a good idea. The store that sells them might just do that and it would be fun to try another cushioned shoe, as long as they don't have too much arch support. After wearing the same pair of shoes for 4 yrs I really want something new!

Re: trying on soft footbed Birkenstocks

Ellen J. on 5/05/03 at 09:31 (117826)

Thanks, that looks like a really comfortable shoe!