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Prana Ball

Posted by Dorothy C. on 5/04/03 at 23:11 (117815)

Hello ~
Can anyone give any more specific information about the 'Prana ball'? A poster mentioned using them chilled on the feet similar to the way that some people have written about using tennis or golf balls. Since reading the message that mentioned them, I have been searching in stores and online for a 'Prana ball', including on the Wilson Sports website and at dealers carrying Wilson Sporting goods. No 'Prana ball'! The Wilson website that a message poster referred to does not list anything called a 'Prana ball' and doesn't show anything that seems to match the poster's description. Can anyone describe it in more detail or even better, where to obtain one?? Is a 'Prana ball' simply a term that applies to another type of ball (maybe a raquetball?) Thanks for any additional guidance.

Re: Prana Ball

BrianG on 5/06/03 at 20:17 (117963)

Hi Dorothy C,

Go to the search engine: http://www.google.com
and type 'prana ball' into the search box. I think you will find what your looking for.

Good luck

Re: Prana Ball

Cyndi T. on 5/07/03 at 11:23 (118020)


Info on the prana ball can be found on Caroline Myss's website. You will find it on this page: http://www.myss.com/substore.asp
I purchased my prana ball last year at one of Caroline's Myss's seminars. I did not have PF at that time, but thought it was a neat. Since coming down with PF two months ago, I took it out of the drawer started rolling my foot over it. I showed it to my physical therapist, and he thought it was a good idea. There is a big W on it, and it is made by Wilson Sports. Sorry you didn't find it on their website.

Re: Prana Ball

Cyndi T. on 5/07/03 at 11:27 (118021)

P.S. I keep it in the freezer!

Re: Prana Ball

Dorothy C. on 5/07/03 at 18:12 (118047)

Thanks to you all for Prana ball information. I have located the Myss site which does sell the Prana ball under that specific terminology. As for Wilson Sporting Goods: I wrote to them 'electronically', giving them all pertinent information after finding nothing on their website. Their reply? 'We don't know anything about a Prana golf ball...' !! I didn't pursue that route further. However, I may have found another possible resource. The QVC website lists a product called the 'Wilson Original Thermal Ball' and the description seems to indicate that it is the same thing as the Prana ball, at least functionally. It can be frozen/chilled or warmed/heated and is recommended for various massage uses or for arthritic hands, etc. It is considerably less expensive than the Myss site lists the Prana balls for, but until and unless I can see them and try them side by side, I cannot be sure they are the same products. Since the Myss website and philosophy seem to correspond to what one might find on some yoga sites, I thought the Prana balls might be available through a yoga or similar source, but no such luck. Ms. Myss might do well to make the Prana ball more widely available. Thanks again -and I hope that this additonal lead helps someone else looking for this product. Dorothy

Re: Prana Ball

Cyndi T. on 5/13/03 at 10:10 (118523)

If QVC is cheaper, I'd go for it. It sounds like the same thing. The ball I use on my foot is purple, if that helps. It is a little bigger than a golf ball and has a big W on it (the Wilson co. logo!). I also have a smaller, softer one that is a golden color and is smaller than a golf ball. Strange that the Wilson rep knew nothing about it.