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achilles tendonitis?

Posted by Mary Y on 5/06/03 at 22:33 (117981)

Hi doctors,

What do gel heel cups do? I have achilles tendonitis. At least this was my most current diagnosis. Can they be worn with my leather orthotics?

Thanks for your help.

Re: achilles tendonitis?

Dr. Z on 5/07/03 at 20:45 (118067)

heel cups raise your heel and shorten the achilles tendon. This rests the tendon

Re: achilles tendonitis?

Carole C in NOLA on 5/08/03 at 21:03 (118134)

Mary, I am not a doctor but have had problems with Achilles tendonitis myself.

Although they may be helpful for some people, personally I found that the gel heel cups weren't enough to help my Achilles tendonitis. Do continue to wear your orthotics if they seem to help.

Something that also really helped me was very, very gentle stretching such as the stretches described by Julie (click on the word Yoga to read her description of these stretches). Try not to do any stretching that hurts at all, though.

Also, other treatments such as rest, never going barefoot, icing, and so on seemed to help. Reading the heel pain book on this website is a good idea, too. I hope you feel better soon!

Carole C

Re: achilles tendonitis?

Mary Y on 5/09/03 at 00:33 (118152)

Thank you all for your responses!

Carole, I will try your advice.

Again, thanks

Re: achilles tendonitis?

Mary Y on 5/09/03 at 00:38 (118153)

Hi Carole,

Do you ever get ankle and ankle bone pain? I am not sure about my diagnosis, as I have been given so many.


Re: achilles tendonitis?

Carole C in NOLA on 5/09/03 at 07:03 (118159)

Personally I don't get ankle bone pain, especially. But it does seem like these things come in combinations. The first time I saw a doctor, he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, bursitis, and other tendonitis. I think the main symptom for me of Achilles tendonitis is tightness/shortness of the Achille tendon itself, pain, and inflammation.

One of the problems that some people here have, which I don't have, is tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS) and I think that causes ankle symptoms. You could try reading on the TTS message board on this site.

An even better idea would be to go see a doctor or podiatrist, and get diagnosed. That is really pretty important before you begin any self treatment. You could have something totally different that needs medical or surgical intervention, who knows?

Carole C

Re: oops!

Carole C in NOLA on 5/09/03 at 07:05 (118160)

oops! On re-reading your post, I see that you HAVE seen a doctor, and in fact that you have seen several. I'm not too wide awake yet. Sorry!!!

Carole C

Re: achilles tendonitis?

Mary Y on 5/10/03 at 00:37 (118218)

Hi Carole,

Thanks for responding. I have been diagnosed with PF first from a podiatrist. Then diagnosed with tts from a physiatrist. I took a ncv test and the results indicated tts. I last went to an orthopod whom specializes in the foot and ankle and got diagnosed with achilles tendonitis.

I had physical therapy for PF and TTS and no relief. I am now using custom made orthotics from the podiatrist I had been seeing.

Thanks again.