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Foot Exercise

Posted by Dorothy C. on 5/07/03 at 19:02 (118056)

I am 'over-posting' this evening! I came across this from some old information from Dr. Andrew Weil and wondered if anyone here has tried this exercise and what are the professional and amateur recommendations about it. It is the opposite of the movement that we PF people are advised against (dropping the heel off the step to stretch) so what are your impressions of this one? By the way, I hope I am not violating any copyright regs. by pasting this here, but it is from Dr. Weil's website and is his answer to a questioner:

'Yes, from what you describe, it's a possibility that the pain in your feet comes from fallen arches. This condition happens to a lot of us as we get older since, over time, the ligaments supporting the arches can loosen or stretch. As a result, the arch in the foot 'falls.' This isn't always painful, but it can be. Try this simple exercise: Stand barefoot or in socks, on the edge of a stair with your toes off the edge and curl the front part of your feet downward. Do this a few minutes a day; it helps build the arches up....'

Any comments? Dorothy

Re: Foot Exercise

Richard, C.Ped on 5/09/03 at 08:03 (118163)

It is hard to say Dorothy. Everyone seems to have different opinions about this. I think it will put to much weight and stress on the fascia...but thats me. I do calf raises with heavy weights when I work out...and I have felt stress in that area. I like the towel method myself. You are seated and can control the tension while pulling the towel.

Re: Foot Exercise

Rose M. on 5/09/03 at 16:31 (118199)

I have purchased a book called Pain Free by Peter Egoscue. He has a clinic in the San Diego area and a weekly talk radio show on Saturday mornings on KCBQ at 9:00 pacific time. It can be listened to on the internet at egoscue.com. if you are out of this southern California area. I have called and he is just wonderful. I have heard patients call in with reports about how their pain is so improved or completely gone for many many conditions; including the feet! Many surgeries have been avoided. I have been doing the exercises in the book for feet and they are wonderful. I have had great improvement. I have experienced much more improvement than anything I have received from my poditrist for the past year. Let me know if anybody tires. Rose

Re: Foot Exercise

Cyndi T. on 5/13/03 at 10:23 (118524)

Hello again, Dorothy! The exercise on the stairs is one that was recommended by my new podiatrist (my third!). I am doing it carefully and gently (while wearing my running shoes) with no ill effects. However, my PF is getting better now, and I'm not sure I could or should have done the exercise in the initial stage. I think you can let your intuition guide you. I still do the towel stretch first to warm up.

Re: Foot Exercise

Celia on 5/15/03 at 13:36 (118861)

Hi Rose! I'm a San Diegan and didn't even know about this show. You also mentioned a book for feet? What is the title of that? I'd love to read it. My problem is that my PF has contributed to the knots in my calves. I think that it's lactic acid build up, but A.R.T. is working great. Dr. Sean Higgins out of Clairemont Mesa is a fabulous chiropractor who treats the Chargers. I highly recommend him. My visits are $50 and he's well worth it! At least I can run 2 miles now which is a great improvement after having PF for five years now!!

Re: Foot Exercise

Dorothy C. on 5/16/03 at 22:53 (119067)

Cyndi T. ~ I am sorry that I have been slow in responding to your helpful note. I still have not tried the exercise that I initially wrote about but as improvement continues, I may forge ahead! I appreciate your comments about it.
Can you describe the 'towel stretch' that you mentioned here? Thanks again.

Re: Foot Exercise

Rose M. on 5/19/03 at 16:45 (119308)

Yes, what does this chiropractor actually do during his treatments? Sounds wonderful. The name of the book is Pain Free by Peter Egoscue. he has a clinic in Carlsbad I believe. Thanks for the post. Let's keep in touch. Rose