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Does casting work in healing heel spurs?

Posted by Kelly W on 5/07/03 at 20:41 (118065)

I have tryed many types of treatments for a heel spur in my left heel, including ibuprofen, physical therapy (ibuprophen in to heel, ultra sound) steroid injection into heel, orthotics not an option because of price and insurance does not cover it. Night splint ( did not make a difference). I am still in a lot of pain. I had back surgery two years ago, and now experience back pain again because of the way I limp and walk with the heel pain. I was told that wearing a cast for 6 weeks may help? Could this be true?

Re: Does casting work in healing heel spurs?

Dr. Z on 5/07/03 at 20:44 (118066)

Casting is a form of rest and therefore may help. According to the survey taken from posters on this board, casting wasn't that helpful. In addition wearing a cast could change the way you are walking and therefore injury your back more. ESWT appears to be the best choice for you. Most insurance however won't cover this revolutionay, non-invasive procedure

Re: Does casting work in healing heel spurs?

AKC on 5/09/03 at 11:55 (118170)

I was in a walking cast for 10 weeks.
It did no good.

Re: Does casting work in healing heel spurs?

Pauline on 5/09/03 at 12:39 (118179)

It caused me to have a very stiff ankle and did little for my P.F. others may have gotten some help. Try doing a search on this site to see if you can pull up any positive information from people that used casts in the past.

Re: Does casting work in healing heel spurs?

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/10/03 at 14:59 (118241)

A lot depends on HOW the cast is placed -- results can be dramatically different. When casting a patient with PF, the foot is placed at 90 degrees to the leg, the heel is gently inverted and the forefoot everted, then the casting material (such as fiberglass) is closely contoured to the heel and arch area as the foot is maintained in the described position. The goal is to cast the foot is a position that maintains the plantar fascia in a relaxed position.

Re: Does casting work in healing heel spurs?

Frank S on 5/17/03 at 14:00 (119110)

I had a walking cast similar to that described by Dr. Davis for 4 weeks. I wore a clog on my other foot to even out the length of my legs so as to prevent back problems.

It worked for me. My ankle was stiff for a couple of days, but the PF went away