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tts gonna have surgery

Posted by stella on 5/08/03 at 11:47 (118103)

Hello i have been dealing with tts since last july. First i had a stress fracture of the heel. Which i had treated but the pain is worse and nothing seems to work. Cortizone injections, and ive been off work for 3 months. I have no insurance and no money. Public aid will not help because i do not have children. My concerns are of surgery. I am suppose to have on may 22nd. Never had surgery and am very scared. Is it worth it? I need feedback from people who have had this. Nothing else has seemed to work

Re: tts gonna have surgery

Sharon W on 5/08/03 at 16:33 (118116)


First of all, I've had TTS myself and I remember the pain. I really feel for you; it's a tough situation to be in. But you are not alone in this; there are others here going through the same things. So please feel free to come here any time, for information, for support, for an understanding ear... for any reason at all, actually...

TTS surgery is worth it IF it's successful. It's painful, though, and recovering from it takes good after-care, a lo-o-ng time, and LOTS of patience!

I tried a whole bunch of things before surgery, myself -- anti-inflammatory drugs, orthotics, ice and tape and contrast baths, steroid injections, Neurontin, other painkillers, wearing a walking cast for 6 weeks, and physical therapy with phonophoresis. (The things I DIDN'T try include magnets, massage, accupuncture, iontophoresis, prolotherapy, biofeedback, or faith healers...)

I also had an MRI of my foot & ankle, with contrast, nerve conduction tests, and a diagnostic nerve block done. So my doctor and I knew, before the surgery, pretty much what we were dealing with. I still didn't recover to 100% of the way I was before this all started... and I probably never will. But, I feel a WHOLE lot better than I did before surgery, and I'm very glad I went ahead with it.

Even so, if I had it all to do over again I would still go ahead and try just about every other treatment available to me FIRST, before finally having the surgery. Doctors disagree on the percentages for success or failure with this procedure, but MOST (not quite all) of them claim that a majority of their TTS surgeries are successful.

What you should know is that, among those whose TTS surgeries AREN'T successful, are some people whose pain and disability are made much WORSE by this surgery -- people who would advise you to avoid TTS surgery NO MATTER WHAT. There are no guarantees with this surgery; no doctor can truthfully PROMISE you success.

Sorry to be so gloom-and-doom, but I do think everyone who is considering this surgery should know about these things; after all, how can you make an informed decision if you don't know the whole story?


Re: tts gonna have surgery

Terry Z on 5/08/03 at 18:02 (118126)

I agree with Sharon and I like her have had success with tt surgery. I would like to add that it's very important than you have the best doctor you can find to do this surgery. NO MATTER WHAT. I have other problems with my ankle which is probably why I developed tts and I'm having a very difficult time coming to terms with but I would have the surgery again because I was in so much pain. Sharon is the best and has so much to offer all of us, she knew I had a Morton's neuroma before my doctor. So thanks Sharon for your concern for people you don't know.

Keep in mind there are a lot of people that have success with this surgery and you will know if it's time for surgery. I think I would of gone crazy if I didn't have this done.

Re: tts gonna have surgery

Sharon W on 5/09/03 at 17:00 (118201)

Wow, THANKS, Terry! (I think it was Cheri who first asked you if it might be a neuroma, though... so she's the one who really deserves the accolade.)

I KNOW I would have gone crazy if I had just given up after trying all those other things, and never had the surgery! Other things HAD worked for me, to some extent, but every time it started to get better, it turned around and got worse again. The pain was getting back to the point where it was driving me mad. When pain is all you can think about, and you've tried all the main treatments except surgery but they just don't work for you -- and especially when you KNOW there's something in your tarsal tunnel that needs to come out -- then surgery seems to be your only hope for living without constant pain meds.

Luckily, it doesn't go that way for everyone. Some people do get better without surgery, and that's WONDERFUL -- it's much better than having to go under the knife... Bottom line, I would never recommend surgery before trying other things, but I definitely DO think surgery IS appropriate as a last resort.


Re: had tts surgery 2 weeks ago

stella on 6/08/03 at 23:38 (121350)

Hello all i did the surgery and am in recovery right now. Friday i went t he dr and he took half the stiches out and they hurt like crazy! Nurse wasnt nice. Have to have the other half removed next week. Been keeping off of it and ice and pain killers etc. Have a walker and wheelchair. I still have numbness in the heel and lots of tingliness and numbness so we will see how it goes. Any suggestions??? The ice helps and the pain killers. I know not to walk for along time. I appreciate any advice. I had to deal with this for almost a year like i said tried everything and nothing worked from cortizone to anti-inflammtories.. it was a never ending story in the walking cast. but glad i went through with surgery just hoping for results in a few months .. bye