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Insurance Carriers

Posted by Carrie F. on 5/08/03 at 16:53 (118123)

What insurance carriers cover ESWT?

Re: Insurance Carriers

Dr. Z on 5/09/03 at 00:24 (118151)

What is your insurance policy? . Maybe I can give you information with your specific policy

Re: Insurance Carriers

BARRY on 5/11/03 at 09:17 (118295)


Re: Insurance Carriers

Dr. Z on 5/11/03 at 10:59 (118302)

It depends on your specific policy. Do you have Amerihealth, IBC. or
Highmark. You insurance card will tell you this information. The company that I use is called Excellence Shockwave Therapy Company. The treatments are done in a mobile center under a local anesthesia. Brian from the board just had bilateral treatment done by me. You can ask him what his experience was. In order to quality for ESWT you have to have had six months of pain and at least three failed conservative treatments. Where do you live in Pa. We are just outside of Philadelphia. I would be happy to
speak with you and help you to determine exactly what you Pa Blue Shield Coverage benefits are. You can e-mail Dr. Z at (email removed) if you would like our ESWT informational packet and some insuranc help

Re: Insurance Carriers

BARRY on 5/11/03 at 15:02 (118334)

I have had this pain for more than a year and have tried Chiropractic techniques, orthotics, two Podiatrists, massage, soft orthotic inserts over the hard prescription orthotics, rubber ball, ice, heat, rest, sneakers and everything else possible except surgery and cortisone which I will not do either of! Does this qualify for the insurance coverage? I have BC/BS Independence. What is local anesthesia exactly? Am I asleep? I live in North Wales near Montgomeryville Mall, Barry

Re: Insurance Carriers

Dr. Z on 5/11/03 at 15:34 (118335)

Your previous history of failed treatments should qualify for medical necessity which is then covered by insurance We would have to set up an examination to evaluate you and then the pre-cert process begins. Once a letter of medical necessity is approved then we can schedule the treatment.
So if you are interested set up an appointment by calling my office at
1-856-848-3338 and ask to see Dr. Zuckerman

Re: Insurance Carriers

mms on 5/20/03 at 17:50 (119419)

That (email removed) address does not work. My request was returned.

Re: Insurance Carriers

Dr. Z on 5/20/03 at 18:12 (119422)

sorry should be (email removed). or footcare@comcast.net