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Painful protruding bump on back of heel

Posted by Cheryl H on 5/09/03 at 02:05 (118155)

Dear Doctor,
I have had a lot of pain in recent years with dry, cracked and bleeding heels, primarily on right foot. In the last two days however, I have noticed a bump on the back of my heel, approximately horizontal to the protrusion of the heel bone. This bump is hard like bone and is slightly red and painful to the touch. My foot is also tight across the bottom surface of the foot when pulling (flexing my toes) upward and this action makes my heel and ankle hurt. To complicate matters more, I'm a diabetic. I have never had any circulation problems or difficulty with my feet. I'm very scared. What do you think this is? I have an appointment with my regular doc in June, but should I worry about this before then?