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is this normal?

Posted by JoAnn M on 5/09/03 at 17:16 (118202)

I had tts and pf surgery on 4-29.My doctor removed the cast on 5-6 and put me in a 'boot'.Today after being on and off my foot some,I removed the boot and found what appears to be a bruise on the sole of my foot.It is kind of in a line across my foot,right where the wrapping ends.Is this normal,or could the wrapping be too tight?It seems like it gets lighter colored when elevated.Should I be concerned?It is painful when I press on it.

Re: is this normal?

Pauline on 5/09/03 at 20:24 (118208)

I'm not a doctor, but there's an old saying about food 'when in doubt throw it out'. I modify this for my health and say 'when in doubt call the doctor'

Your concerns should be his concerns and no definite diagnosis can or should be made on this web site. Please set your own mind at rest and call him. He may want to see you to make sure everything is just fine.

You'll rest easier, and he'll know your problem and if anything is wrong be able to take care of it sooner.