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tss,rsd, and night leg spasms

Posted by cooper g on 5/10/03 at 19:03 (118263)

I had tss surgery two years ago and ended up with rsd. In the past eight mos. I have had three or four nights that I have been awakened by leg spasms. These are terrible!!!!! AT first it was only the surgery foot but I have had it to a lesser degree in the other leg. Every muscle in my foot up to my knee goes into a spasm. It will last for a few minutes let up and then start again. This is so painful I can't stand the tought of having them again. I have had possibly symptoms of rsd in the other leg. The pain dr. says it may be spreading. I will ask him about these spasms but I don't have a appt. scheduled. Twice that this happened was about five days after I had an ankle block for the rsd pain. I hope someone has a idea what this is. I thought of night leg cramps but I did not think they involed the entire lower leg and foot. Thanks

Re: tss,rsd, and night leg spasms

Sharon W on 5/10/03 at 21:53 (118274)


Ask your doctor if it might be appropriate for you to take a drug called 'Klonopin,' or Clonazepam. It is actually a tranquilizer, but it may help stop that kind of muscle spasms. It does tend to cause drowsiness and sometimes clumsiness, though, so I wouldn't plan on driving right away until you knew how you would respond to the drug.

Just a suggestion; I'm not a doc.