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posterior tibial tendon tear

Posted by Marj Malizio on 5/11/03 at 06:26 (118278)

I am advid runner who has just recently had a MRI that shows a vertical tear in my posterior tibial tendon from the medial malleolus down to its insertion into the navicular bone. I have no pain or swelling associated with this tear. Th only effect I am having is a awareness or tightness in the inside of the ankle bone area. I want to be able to fully return to my love for running and golf. I am trying to research the most effective but least invasive method of correcting this problem. ie: non-surgical or surgical intervention. Can you offer success rates or direct me to resources that I can research. I am a 51 year old ver active woman (not overweight) and in excellent health.

Re: posterior tibial tendon tear

Dr. Z on 5/11/03 at 08:37 (118287)

There are brace/ankle supports for this condition. Sometimes orthosis can help you. What treatment recommendation have you had so far.?