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prayers and good wishes to Brian G...

Posted by Suzanne D on 5/11/03 at 08:19 (118283)

I don't often get to the ESWT board due to time constraints, but this morning I did and saw a message from Brian G posted on May 7 in which he told about his 2nd Dornier Epos treatment.

I thought others here might miss that as I almost did and wanted to make you aware of it. You can read his message there, but I just wanted to call attention to it so that you might also send your prayers and good wishes his way. Nine years in extreme pain is a long time...

Here's hoping and praying that the next few weeks show much improvement for you, Brian! [-o<

Take care,
Suzanne :)

Re: prayers and good wishes to Brian G...

BrianG on 5/11/03 at 10:10 (118298)

Thanks Suzanne. It's been about a week now, and the small amount of bruising I had, is almost gone. I don't think the bruise was from the Dornier Epos, but most likely from the tech holding my foot in place. Here they have this very expensive machine, but a good amount of the results come from how well the tech, or doctor, can hold your foot in the postion which will most likely help you to heal. Someone should put on their thinking cap, and come up with a device to hold the foot in the best position available, possibly using the florescope, as it works in conjunction with the Epos.

Anyways, I'm about half way through my 2 week 'rest' period, then it's time for some bass fishing. I may have sold the boat, but I'll still get out often, without all the problems that came with boat ownership :*)
I'm looking forward to a summer of healing, and fishin'


Re: prayers and good wishes to Brian G...

marie on 5/11/03 at 11:00 (118303)

Best wishes to you, Brian! Have fun fishin'. I had planned to do a little myself today but the weather is not cooperating.


Re: prayers and good wishes to Brian G...

john h on 5/11/03 at 11:11 (118305)

Brian: Maybe that 15lb lunker is out there. Try a Lucky 13 or a black plastic worm. I feel it in my bones they will be hot.

Re: prayers and good wishes to Brian G...

Bev on 5/11/03 at 11:23 (118313)

Brian G,
I absolutly love :x perch if you have any extra , Brian :)

Re: prayers and good wishes to Brian G...

Sharon W on 5/11/03 at 11:24 (118314)


It sounds good so far! I, too, am hoping that this will be your summer of healing, and that a year from now you'll be coming back to 'visit' us every now and then (when your busy schedule allows) to tell all the 'newbies' about your success with ESWT!


Re: prayers and good wishes to Brian G...

Necee on 5/12/03 at 18:46 (118464)

All the best to you Brian. Just take this time to relax and do the things you enjoy the most...like fishing.
Keep us posted as to how your doing.

Happy trails...