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Posted by Dorothy C. on 5/12/03 at 01:03 (118381)

If one suspects that sciatica is the source of heel/foot pain, are there some self-care techniques, ideas, exercises that are useful for the sciatica and thus the foot problem??

Re: Sciatica

Kathy G on 5/12/03 at 09:59 (118401)

Oh goodness, I had a nice response to your question, Dorothy, and tried to insert a smiley face and knocked myself off the boards. I must learn that I am not bright enough to use those things!

Well, this way you'll get a shortened answer and that's probably better for you!

I suffer from occasional bouts of sciatica. The only exercise I have found that helps at all is one that stretches my back. I lie on my back on the floor, and move the right leg, knee bent, over to the floor on the left side of my body and vice-versa. This is a general stretching exercise that sometimes will help to relieve the pain. If that doesn't work, usually one visit to my chiropractor will do the trick. Sometimes, if it's very persistent, I take muscle relaxants for three or four days in a row and that helps.

Have you seen a doctor to ascertain whether there is a mechanical reason for the sciatica? In my case, it's muscle spasms in my back. My first bout of sciatia was back when I was nineteen.

Forgive me if you've answered that question. I have been away and haven't really perused the boards since my return.

Hope this helps you some! And I won't add any little smiley face to it!

Re: Sciatica

Dorothy C. on 5/12/03 at 11:20 (118407)

Thank you, Kathy G. The exercise you described sounds useful. I do practice yoga, but have had to back off because of the feet. I also do a regular 'back health' exercise program. In spite of doing those exercise 'programs', sciatica still bothers and increasingly seems to me that it is related to the PF problem. My first experience with sciatica came with pregnancy and has been intermittent ever since. Thanks again!

Re: Sciatica

Kathy G on 5/12/03 at 12:43 (118413)


Do you wear orthotics? If you do, do you think that you are walking differently because of them and this might be causing your pain? I think we all walk differently because of PF but if you have orthotics, it might be an issue that could be addressed.

Good luck - the pain is quite intense, isn't it? When I first got it, I thought I had something terrible wrong with me!