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Hi Ho Hi Ho off to surgery I go!

Posted by Henry C on 5/12/03 at 06:52 (118384)

Well it's been a long seven years of battle and all from falling just two feet. After three surgeries, one to correct a broken Tibia and two TTS releases, I'm going in on Thursday for the last option a nerve stimulator.

I only hope this last option works, I am very tired of all the pain medications that not only numbs the area of your pain, but also the rest of your body including your brain. Since no one else on this board has any experience with this kind of procedure, I'll try to keep everyone informed to my progress. Hopefully when the next individual seeks information about this, I'll be able to provide it!

Re: Hi Ho Hi Ho off to surgery I go!

Sharon W on 5/12/03 at 07:09 (118385)

THANKS, Henry!

More info about medical procedures that others haven't had done, is always a good thing.

And I'm concerned about YOU, too, and how this will go, whether you will get the relief from pain that you desperately NEED...

[-o< %%-

Re: Hi Ho Hi Ho off to surgery I go!

Sandra D on 5/12/03 at 09:09 (118396)

I hope you will be blessed by the surgery. I will be interested in hearing the follow-up.

Re: Hi Ho Hi Ho off to surgery I go!

elliott on 5/12/03 at 09:23 (118397)

Good luck, Henry C! Here's hoping it works.


Re: Hi Ho Hi Ho off to surgery I go!

BrianG on 5/12/03 at 22:21 (118493)

Hi Henry, I'm sorry that the pain has won out, and that you will get the stimulator. I take it that you will have a good surgeon, who has done some of these before? Did you have to travel far, to the nearest hospital that does the procedure?

Good luck,

Re: Henry, I to will get a trial June

Tammie on 5/15/03 at 15:31 (118885)

I am so glad to have seen this post, as I have been looking for someone who might know a bit about thease implant stimulators. I am to get the trial of the spinal stimulator, Is this what you are doing also? I am to do this June 16 for just a trial for a week or two to see how much pain relief I get. If enough they will permenatly implant it at another time.

I will watch for your posts and I wish you well . Do you have RSD? I am sorry I do not come on to much I happened to see Elliott back and was reading and caught this post and wondered if you were getting the Spinal stimulator or the one Laurie was talking about I seem to remember it was something a bit different? In any case I will pray for you and that you will finally get the relief you deserve!Good Luck!

Re: Henry, I to will get a trial June

Henry C on 6/18/03 at 14:44 (122261)

My implant is implanted in my leg. I did not have any trial period other then a minute on the operating table. It's not that bad and it has provided some relief from the pain!


Re: I am glad to hear you are

Tammie on 6/21/03 at 17:07 (122576)

Oh Henry that is so wonderful !!! I am happy to hear your getting some relief because with that there is always hope that maybe more will come to! Please keep updating as it is sure nice to read about the good things happining! Also the different treatments also.
Please forgive me as I lack memory and have trouble sometimes working computor , I forget (meds} I am assured tho not certain lol I keep thinking old age is coming to get me also! But Why was it that they put the stimulator in your leg?

Was it due to RSD or was it the tts or something completly different? i again apoligise my forgetfulness. I am sometimes very limitied on the net as I get reactions from my stimulator and it can make me feel like electric jolts, and I have to leave till I settle it down. I to have found some relief in getting good sleep at night! Not wonderful but hehe it is something positive! Did they tell you that certain things could make your stimulator change such as alarms in store ? Airport screening? A few others I am blanking from any thoughts. Sorry just a bit curious. Good Luck and hope you get much more help.