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What does "sub neutral" mean?

Posted by Mahatmelissama on 5/12/03 at 10:56 (118406)

My podatrist wants me to try his orthotics...I am going for it (after much thinking and praying). When I asked him why these might be a better option for me...he replied something like 'sub neutral position'. He did a cast with me lying face down on Friday. I went for it since I trust this guy (trusted him enough to get 3 shots in my left foot).

Re: What does "sub neutral" mean?

Richard, C.Ped on 5/12/03 at 12:03 (118411)

I am pretty sure it is sub talor neutral. That is how the casting should be made...or as close to it as possible.

New orthotics? From the way you have 'spoken' about what you are wearing...those were the greatest thing since sliced bread. What changed?

Re: What does "sub neutral" mean?

Mahatmelissama on 5/12/03 at 13:15 (118414)

Thx Richard. Nothing changed. I went to this new pod whom I like (Reka on this board had ESWT done by him). It is HIS opinion I should get new orthotics, ultimately the end decision was let up to me. I went for it since he is the expert in front of me (ie, he took x-rays of my feet, he looked at them...injected one with cortisone). I asked him 'so do you think your orthotics will work better for me than these SDOs'? and he replied carefully 'I think they (his orthotics) are the best solution for Melissa'.

I said 'they are NOT ice scrapers right? (explained also what ice scrapers are)?' He said 'not ice scrapers' and should be model (semi-flexiable).

I told him 'I probably will have to have them adjusted' and he replied 'he can do that if needed. He uses an expensive lab that usually does such a good job, most patients don't need adjustments'.

I still love the SDOs, but healing at a very slow rate. If this works better for me, you will hear about it. If they stink, you will hear about that too! ;)

Re: What does "sub neutral" mean?

Bev on 5/12/03 at 14:14 (118427)

Did any of the cortisone injections help at all ? My doctor did not believe in them and did not do them .Then when I went to another pod he was upset cause the other doc did not do them. I was wondering if they really are of any value or not.

Re: Nobody knows anything for sure...

Mahatmelissama on 5/12/03 at 15:59 (118448)

Hi Bev,

What I can tell you is I had 3 shots aimed right below my 3rd and 4th toe on my left for (mortons neuroma). They were to reduce inflammation around nerve.

All I know is my pod totally NUMBED the area so they did not hurt but were uncomfortable. I am a BIG BABY though when it comes to my feet.

I have more range of motion in my toes...I can wiggle them more. I also have a lot less pain going up my legs (you know that stiff feeling when you lay in bed in the legs...going down to feet?) Hard to describe.

The area I had done..well I wasn't too concern if that area to started to 'weaken' (nerve area). I don't think I would EVER get this done in a totally healthy area since cortisone can weaken tissue.