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hormonal cause for inflamation

Posted by johnr on 5/12/03 at 14:25 (118433)

In my quest to cure chronic Plantar Faciitus, I ran across a doctor who mentioned that some men of European (more specifically, Dutch)descent have a common hormonal imbalance that increases the frequency of inflamtion of connective tissues. Is this verifiable? - J.R.

Re: hormonal cause for inflamation

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/12/03 at 14:35 (118437)

I think that you have touched upon a new vista in this area. Unfortunately, I have no specific information but can only suggest trying a search to see what comes up. PF is multifactorial in nature but the area we are looking at more seriously is tissue quality. Tissue quality must have hormonal influences but there is a lack of information (and probably research) in this area. We are past due for more research in this area and feel that something will come out in the next decade -- hopefully sooner.

Re: hormonal cause for inflamation

Kathy L on 5/21/03 at 00:02 (119463)

I've just come across a book, 'Perfect Bones', by Pamela Levin, R.N., published by Celestial Arts, Berkeley, and she says having healthy conective tissue is a must to having healthy bones, and she talkes about how a proper balance of Hormones is necessary for both.

Re: hormonal cause for inflamation

Rachael T. on 5/21/03 at 12:07 (119511)

Don't know if it is merely coincidence - OR if PROGEST. Cream has helped my pf....but I began using it after reading about hormone imbalances in preg. & menopausal women....figured it couldn't radically hurt.....anyway, after 3 weeks of using the cream my pf has subsided...now, I also grant that my orthotics have been adjusted to a much better fit of late - so it could be a combination....either way, after 2+ yrs of PF & all conserv. treatments, 3 prs. of orthotics, (now on my 4th which seem right, finally!) & 1 ESWT - I shall continue the cream JUST IN CASE it is the thing that is working! (-: