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Posted by rose dombrowski on 5/13/03 at 23:41 (118647)

i have 2 spurs in right foot and 0ne in the left
i am in pain all the time when i get up in
the morning or when i.m on my feet at work i have to

take off my shoes and go stocking feet and then i
am still in pain i get pain in the top of feet
and also in the ankles please addvise as to how i can
live with less pain rose

Re: heelspurs

nancy b on 5/14/03 at 08:25 (118658)

My doctor told me to NEVER go barefooted. I ordered custom orthotics and they help, but not as much as a shoe called Mephistos. They can be found only at Nordstroms. Go to the web site and find them. Nordstroms.com. They have made a significant difference. Not all styles of this shoe has the arch support, so you'll have to try some on to see which one suits you. I got the brown suede looking slip on mule. They are expensive, but if it enables me to walk, they are worth every penny. Its an investment in my feet.
Try strapping your foot, learn how on your computer,,there are videos to learn. The shots I got form my podiatrist helped at first, but now they are not effective. Good shoes have proven to help me a lot, but I still am considering the shock treatment as I must do something.
Good luck to you, (email removed)

Re: heelspurs

rose dombrowski on 5/20/03 at 09:50 (119365)

i have tried orthdonics i,ve had shots i,ve boughten expenses shoes
they are better than the others but after 6 hrs on my feet i,d
like to cut off my feet it hurts so bad when i get up in the morning
i can,t just get up it takes a lot of pain before i can step on my feet
its so painful i have two spurs on right heel and one on left
if anyone has a idea please help rose

Re: heelspurs

Dr. Z on 5/20/03 at 11:21 (119370)

Hi Rose ,

My name is Dr. Z . I am one of the doctor on this board. How long have you had this terrible pain ? If you pain is severe and you have had this for over six months and nothing has really helped you then ESWT could be your answer.Do you know anything about this non-invasive non surgical procedure?

Re: heelspurs

rose dombrowski on 5/25/03 at 10:40 (119880)

i know nothing of this procedure where can i find imformation
about eswt rose

Re: heelspurs

Dr. Z on 5/25/03 at 10:47 (119882)

Hi Rose,

You can read alot about this procedure on this web site. In addition you can also e-mail Dr. Z at (email removed) and one of our eswt coordinator would be happy to mail you our eswt packet. We have used this procedure for over three years with very effective results.