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Back-Leg Problems

Posted by john h on 5/14/03 at 15:31 (118748)

I have seen a number of you post on your back an leg problems. A spine clinc opened up next to my office building this week. Curious I walked in only to find my good friend (a retired orthopedic surgeon) working there. He had done a C4/C5) neck fusion on me 25 years ago and completely cured my problem. This was the first day the clinic was open. They use the non invasive treatment method of VAX-D spinal decompression. It is an FDA approved treatment that has been around about 7 years. They have 6 clinics in Dallas. The method of treatment can be found on many web sites. Just search under 'VAX-D'. Basically they have a computerized table with harness that stretches your back with a gradual pull and release for about 30-40 minutes each day for a typical 20 straight days of treatment. Over the treatment protocol the stretch is gradually increased. In experiments using a flouroscope, myleogram and a needle inserted into the disc they found that the pressure within the disc is reduced from the normal plus 150mb HG pressure (as I remember) to a negative 150mb HG pressure. They found the bulging disc would pull back into the spinal column in a dencentric shape as opposed to a bulging concentric shape. They have found the procedure to be good for degenerative disc disease and in particular bulging disc often eliminating leg and foot pain and numbness completely. The results have been permenent for many and they claim an 80% success rate. I am sort of a person of science and a skeptic but reading about this procedure seems to make sense. The Doctor who invented this procedure stated there has never been one case of further injury as a result of the procedure. Like ESWT it sure would seem worth a try before any back surgery. There is some physical therapy that goes along with this and for whatever reason a regimen of antibiotics during treatment. The antibiotic he named was one that apprently directed and acts well within the disc. Not all people are a candidate for this treatment depending on your problem. They require you to bring your MRI on your initial consultation which is free. Would it not be nice if you decompressed your spine only to find your feet stopped hurting? This treatment is primarly for the low back as that is where the most decompression takes place. Try http://www.vax-d.com for more info.

Re: Back-Leg Problems

Necee on 5/15/03 at 16:18 (118895)

Thanks for all the info John. I have seen their advertisment in the Dallas Morning News (Health Sec). I was wondering if that might be worth checking into. The process of treatment sure makes sense to me...especailly since they don't use a knife!

Happy trails...