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Cracked, dry feet. Thick, hard toenails.

Posted by Richard S on 5/14/03 at 18:36 (118764)

My feet are dry, and are cracking. They even bleed now. Hurts, and are beginning to callas.

Re: Cracked, dry feet. Thick, hard toenails.

manju on 5/14/03 at 23:58 (118791)

Dear sir

i m 46 yrs housewife i have one problem regarding cracked spur on both feet.it lives always with me and loss of senasation someting on spur .
this gives me great pain .I some time feels that there is no blood circulation in spur .

pleasse prescribe me suggest me some good medication

Re: Cracked, dry feet. Thick, hard toenails.

D.Thomas on 5/15/03 at 10:39 (118841)

I used to have problems with my feet and toenails since I was a child. A Dermatologist prescribed LAMSIL for 3 months (one pill a day) and it was all gone and my toenails have always been great since. The toenail problem is usually an infection below the toenail so toenail drops that you can buy over the counter do absolutely nothing.

Couple issues. When I used LAMSIL (a couple of years ago) it was very expensive and some insurance companies will not cover it because it is considered cosmetic. It can also be hard on the kidneys and you should have blood tests while you are taking it just to be safe. I also had better success with LAMSIL compared to the other brand (can't remember name).

It is really amazing what it did for my feet and toenails. They look half way normal now. Now, if I could only find a pill that would make my arch lower :P