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modellisto shoes & mephisto shoes

Posted by Rachael T. on 5/14/03 at 22:10 (118785)

Modellisto shoes are sold on QVC - check out their website & yes, they have the foot bed that is 'tempur-pedic'....I've not ordered them myself, but I was 'thinking on it' of late. QVC has their standard 30 money back guarantee & return policy that is so beneficial....might be a good place to order them. I presently wear Mephisto boots to work in & they are good - of course, though, I wear them w/ orthotics (Footmax, that were made from a 'topography' of my foot, created from a computer. - These orth. work much better than any of the 3 prescribed pairs previously casted by a pod. Footmax has also been cooperative in 'adjusting' them for me upon my request thus far - the only negative is that they are 'gone' for about 8-9 days! & I miss them!

Re: modellisto shoes & mephisto shoes

Dorothy C. on 5/15/03 at 16:58 (118903)

Thank you for the 'lead' on the Modellisto shoes. I checked out the QVC website and found their list of several styles of this brand with the tempur-pedic (memory foam) type footbed. I was surprised at the extensive inventory of shoes that QVC has, including a LOT of Birkenstocks for all the folks on this site who prefer them; also Clarks and many other brands. Lotsa shoes. So, like you, I am thinking about the Modellisto to see what that memory foam is like - it certainly SOUNDS intriquing.
Thank you again for the information - very helpful, as usual!

Re: Question for Rachael re: Footmaxx

Kathy G on 5/16/03 at 09:16 (118958)

Hi Rachael,

I'm happy that the Footmaxx seem to be working so well for you. You mentioned that they have been very cooperative in making adjustments on them. How do you send them back? Do you go through your doctor or deal directly with the company? When I sent mine back for some extra padding, I had to go through my doctor. It cost me $97 and I was without them for twelve days. It was just horrible.

John suggested that the next time they need adjusting, I might be able to find someone locally who would do it. There's a brace company nearby where I saw a C.Ped and I suspect they would do it for me.

I'm just wondering if I was taken to the cleaners!!

Re: modellisto shoes & mephisto shoes

Dorothy C. on 5/20/03 at 00:08 (119344)

I did finally have an opportunity to try on a pair of Modellisto shoes. I like the shoes and the insole, which is of the 'memory foam' or Tempur-pedic type of material. My initial impression, however is that they would be most suited to someone who was looking for simply some cushioning and who was fairly lightweight. They did not seem to provide much support, unlike Dansko shoes which are wonderfully supportive, and the cushioned insole 'gave' when one stood up and they were bearing the full weight of the person; it felt like your foot was almost down to the hard surface of the shoe. These are very superficial impressions based on just one try-on so others might have completely different thoughts about these shoes and I might have different ideas with more time wearing them. Seems like a great idea, but not quite what I need at this time. Too bad. I did like them.

Re: modellisto shoes & mephisto shoes

tina m on 6/10/03 at 12:13 (121453)

I just went on the QVC website looking for the modellisto or mephisto brand of shoes and was unable to find anything. I then called QVC customer service and they have no products by this name. Do you have any other info? Please let me know asap as I'm desperate for someting to relieve the pain!!! Thanks!!!!

Re: Question for Rachael re: Footmaxx

Rachael T. on 6/10/03 at 17:37 (121486)

I go thru my PT guy & it usually takes 1 week for them to be returned to me. I 'THINK' they are good now.....they could prob. use a little higher arch on my left foot -- (the bad one) but I am apprehensive about going that extra arch as maybe that may push me over the edge of comfort as they are comfortable as well as helping to relieve pain.....I have been w/o anti-inflamm. pills now off & on for about 1 month -- in fact, I've not taken any this whole week & I have increased my activity level ALOT! HOORAH & MAYBE, yes, I say maybe! - I am on my way!!! (after 2+ yrs!)

Re: modellisto shoes & mephisto shoes

Rachael T. on 6/10/03 at 17:42 (121487)

Tina--Go to QVC & type in Modelllisto shoes in their search & it will come up as that is how I've found it previously & it looks like Dorothy C. also found these shoes on QVC - I realized this after reading her post of 5/15 which is easily viewed when you click the subject of our message thread.....'Modellisto shoes & mephisto shoes'. I will also tell you that my Mephisto boots are good - but not as supportive as they need to be unless I am wearing orthotics. So, my suggestion to you, is to find a good orthosis to wear w/ any shoes that you purchase as that seems to be what has helped me alot lately & when I've improved--after 2+ yrs. of ultra painy feet!!!

Re: modellisto shoes & mephisto shoes

Dorothy C. on 6/10/03 at 20:43 (121498)

Rachel T. commented on the Mephisto boots not being as supportive as they need to be for her. That would also be my assessment of the Modellisto shoes that I tried. They were soft and cushy, from the Tempur-pedic type of 'memory foam', but they didn't provide the kind of support and cushion for troubled feet that is so valued. Others may have a different experience, however. Yes, I did see them on QVC, but I actually ordered them from FootSmart (www.footsmart.com), a very good website for those with troubled feet - and very nice folks to do business with....although the same is true of QVC, I think.