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Pain in other areas?

Posted by HunterB on 5/15/03 at 07:22 (118805)

Does anyone have intense burning, numbness and pain in other areas besides the foot? My symtoms started in both feet and now they are in both legs, arms, hands, fingers, chest and groin. What is going on?

Re: Pain in other areas?

Sharon W on 5/15/03 at 07:28 (118806)


Yes. I have numbness and tingling, and sometimes pain, in my hands and forearms. But TTS does not cause that. I have peripheral neuropathy, and possibly either carpal tunnel syndrome or ulnar nerve entrapment, as well (depending on which doctor's opinion you choose to believe...)

I do not have chest pain or pain in my groin -- but some types of neuropathy can cause that. You need to get in to see a neurologist as soon as possible, to try to figure out what this problem is. (Don't STOP seeing your podiatrist, just go see a neurologist too.)


Re: Pain in other areas?

Ginny K on 5/17/03 at 10:11 (119090)

I agree with Shaton. Make an appointment with a nurologist! I also have peripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs. I was told it would eventually spread to my arms and finger and that it could be a matter of months or years. I was also told by the neurologist that once the pain was on the top of my feet,it would rule out tarsal tunnel syndrome. I am still looking for the cause of my peripheral neuropathy and plan to go to Mayo next month. It is important to get a diagnosis early as some of the causes are reversible.